Join Us For a Virtual Spirit Week of Socially Distant Activities. Here Are Your Instructions. - 510 Families
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Join Us For a Virtual Spirit Week of Socially Distant Activities. Here Are Your Instructions.

For those of us still keeping track of time in weeks, this was going to be Spring Break. Some of us cancelled birthday parties and day trips, while others cancelled mega-adventures like Hawaii or the Dominican Republic. (We know this because we asked you on our Facebook page.) This is all a bummer, so we thought we’d try lift spirits with a new set of shared activities.

Psst, Spirit Week is a term used in K-12 schools during which students show their school and team spirit by dressing up in line with the days’ themes. Heather didn’t know what Spirit Week was until her kids were well into elementary school.

Follow along with #510Spirit this week. Here’s what we’re going to do.

510 themed spirit week

If “I can’t do this” is the first thought that popped into your head, read on. We’ll list a bunch of links for each day to help inspire you and make it easy. Choose one or two that inspire you.


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Be sure to check #510spirit on Instagram for ideas, too.

Monday – Superhero Day

Cityscape made from paper
Simple paper art requires paper, scissors, and glue.
  • WEAR: A cape or costume. If you don’t have one, tie a scarf or pillowcase (safely) around your shoulders. Bonus: Dress up little stuffies with washcloth capes and delight your kids.
  • DO: Let your superhero know you are thinking of them: send a note of gratitude via email to a teacher or a text to your caregiver with an update from your house.
  • WATCH: Pixar’s The Incredibles
  • MAKE: Using colored paper, place a cityscape in your window or a wall of your home. Here’s how >

Tuesday – Circus Day

  • WEAR: Loud colors, oversized clothes, too-big shoes. (We can’t wait to see your silly photos.)
  • EAT: Popcorn and peanuts. Bonus points for creating a paper cone to eat them in.
  • DO: Put a silly show together with multiple acts — a trick by each person in the house.
  • MAKE: These YouTube drawing tutorials are fun to do together:  Circus Tent + Cute Cotton Candy
  • WATCH: This circus-themed puppet show from Children’s Fairyland

Wednesday – Pajama Day

teddy bear window

  • WATCH: Rockin’ Kids Singalong is doing a special concert for the 510 Audience! Watch on Facebook Live at 11 am!
  • EAT: Breakfast for dinner! Breakfast for every meal! Step up your game from cereal with these funny face pancakes >
  • WEAR: PJs, robes, and slippers.
  • MAKE: A fabulous blanket and pillow fort to play in all day long
  • DO: Put a teddy bear or two in your street-facing windows, so other children can find them on their walks around town.

Thursday – Sports Day

  • WEAR: Sports jersey, team shirt, or athleisure so you’re ready for action at any moment.
  • MAKE: Invent a new game that involves catching
  • DO: Follow these instructions from Camp Galileo to create a Minute To Win It challenge with objects from around the house.
  • WATCH: A sports classic movie such as Space Jam or Air Bud

Friday – Beach Day

  • WEAR: Swimwear
  • DO: Play with water! Think water balloons, extended tub time, or creating a water park for stuffed animals.
  • MAKE: Set up a picnic in your living room
  • WATCH: Moana, unless you’ve seen it too many times
  • TRY IT:
    • We love these ideas for growing veggies from scraps. No garden needed to see results!
    • Make a quick trip to the shore. Remember, no public bathrooms are useable right now, so stay safe, but consider Cesar Chavez Park, Keller Beach, or Alameda. Get out of the car, breathe the fresh air and look for birds on the water.
    • Find some Mountain Lilac and learn why it’s called “soap bush”.  Get inspired by this post from Berkeley Forest School >

Saturday – 510 Day


  • WEAR: Any local pride shirt from your city, school, or beloved Bay Area destination. Miss your soccer uniform? Put it on!
  • DO: Take a mellow scooter or wagon walk around your neighborhood and look for the bears and rainbows your neighbors have put in their windows.
  • MAKE: A sign to place above your mailbox, thanking your postal worker and delivery person for continuing their work.

We didn’t plan a Sunday theme. On the seventh day, we rest, right?

We’d love to help connect our readers. Share your activities on social media with #510spirit


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