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A walk of curiosities in North Berkeley

It’s not uncommon for East Bay homes to feature an unexpected detail in their front yard or garden. You might find a garden dwarf, a windchime, or a wrought iron animal, perhaps collected on a faraway trip.  Some even have entire menageries, tiny treasures placed between plantings, that only slow-paced passersby will spot.  The spectacles that live on the stretch of Colusa Avenue between Solano and Sonoma Avenues are in an entirely different category. I don’t have the backstory or know who is responsible for these installations, but they appear to be contagious.

At least four homes along this stretch feature some surprisingly enormous front-yard decoration. This sign sits in front of one of the most, er, eccentric presentations.

You’ll find it on the East side of Colusa Street, about a block South of Solano Avenue.

An after-dinner walk or wagon ride in search of what I am calling “curiosities” would be a perfect multi-generational activity. You could begin or end with a treat from La Farine.

Driving a napper around in the car? Head for this North-Berkeley neighborhood and cruise the streets to see if you can find anymore surprises to add to my photos.

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4 thoughts on “A walk of curiosities in North Berkeley”

  1. Have you seen the recycled-tire-elephant-safari-theme house on Cedar and Scenic? That is pretty cool! Not too close to these from your article, but not too far, and on the way to Codornices and The Rose Garden.

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