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Is Women’s March Oakland a place for kids?

I asked the organizers of Women’s March Oakland if they could provide any information and tips for bringing children along to the Oakland March on January 18, 2020.

Oakland Women's March with kids
Oakland Women’s March with kids


Women’s March Oakland, what to expect

Organizers and participants will meet Frank Ogawa Plaza in Oakland at 10 am for coffee, community, and crafts. The march begins and ends at this location. At 11 am the march begins.  At noon, the rally will begin with speakers, art and music concluding at 4 pm. See the full schedule here >

Time of March: 10 am to 4 pm
Starting Location: Frank Ogawa Plaza (near 12th Street Oakland BART)
Ending Location: Frank Ogawa Plaza (near 12th Street Oakland BART)
No tickets required. Organizers request $0 RSVP on the Eventbrite page.

Families with children are welcome to attend, but it is a personal choice whether to bring them along (always!). Please note, there will be amplified sound during the rally portion of the event for speakers and entertainment. And it will be crowded, with lots of walking.

More Bay Area Women’s (Sister) March events

These are also on Saturday, January 18, 2020

  • Alameda at 12:30 to 1:30 pm at Safeway parking lot car entrance on Island Dr.
  • San Francisco Civic Center at 11 am
  • Walnut Creek Civic Center at 10:30 am

What to bring to the march

Just like with any large parade, you’ll want to be prepared.  Items encouraged to bring would include:

  • water
  • snacks
  • warm clothing
  • creative sign with positive messaging – I like mine to be two-sided to entertain the folks behind us
  • chapstick
  • sunblock
  • rain gear as needed

Tips for marching successfully with kids >

The 2020 Oakland Women’s march is co-hosted by Women’s March OaklandBlack Women Organized for Political ActionIGNITE and Women’s Foundation of California.

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2 thoughts on “Is Women’s March Oakland a place for kids?”

  1. Hi East Bay folks! (Especially those of you in the Fremont, Union City, Newark area!)

    There is a family-friendly Walk for Peace happening this Sunday, January 22, 2017 in Union City, CA. This walk was initiated as a response to recent hate crimes and a desire for safe communities and honorable role models. Participants hope to demonstrate solidarity with those who are threatened, as well as encourage our neighbors to consider how they can be a part of enabling peaceful communities.

    Those walking stand for:
    – Being good role models
    – Being good neighbors to all
    – For safe schools, streets, city; no racial bullying
    – For religious freedom; no religious registration

    This is a NON-PARTISAN, MULTI-FAITH, and FAMILY-FRIENDLY EVENT. For details about the event and the vision behind the walk, visit the event page here: (the eventbrite page is also the place to check for event updates, especially weather-related updates).

    (This event is not part of the Women’s March, but I know that the vision behind this walk will likely resonate with many of you who are planning to attend one of the Women’s Marches, so wanted to share the info. Hope everyone has a positive time this weekend wherever you are marching!)

  2. I think that you need to be careful bringing your kids to these kinds of situations. While most of the protests were peaceful, I would fear that something could trigger someone and a child could get hurt on accident.

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