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Find the Yetis on Alameda’s Bay Farm Island

A creative parent on Bay Farm Island, a ten-minute drive from Oakland, has distributed small plush yeti characters in a public scavenger hunt for children to complete.

stuffed sasquatch
Pictured: Yeti from a December 2020 hunt.

Part of Bay Farm Island is lined with a path featuring 26 fairy doors, identified with A-Z letters and corresponding illustrations (O for Octopus, for example). A trip here will delight everyone as you explore the area and find Yetis and fairy doors.

o is for octopus fair door

How to get started with the Yeti hunt

First, you’ll want to get an idea of where you’re going by looking at a map from home. The hunt is limited to the northwest tip of Bay Farm Island. Head toward Adelphian Way to park near the waterfront path if you want to take a scooter ride, find some Fairy Doors, and maybe spot some Yetis.

The Yetis all look the same, so you will have no trouble recognizing them. They will be out on display until the end of February.


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The creator of the game has written up some clever clues. You’ll find the clues on the website and/or Instagram account, but be warned, they rely on a renaming system of the streets and landmarks to include lots of punny local and abominable references. For example, the street Baywalk Rd is referred to as Cal Bears Blvd. and you’ll also find Sasquatch Street. So, you’ll need to use this map in partnership with the clues.

abominable snowman stuffie hangs from a tree

If the clues are overwhelming, just head out and keep your eyes open. 25 yetis are across the area and it’s a lovely place to explore.

bay farm island fairy door

Join the Bay Farm Yeti Explorer’s Guild here >


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All photos by Whitney Moss

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