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East Bay Ice Cream: 5 Hidden Gems For Parents Who Want to Stay Cool

As a parent, you may not be able to keep up with trends as well as you once did. Luckily, ice cream doesn’t judge you. Even these underground-esque grab-and-go spots will be happy to give you a taste of their innovative flavors — and keep you cool.

Thanks to Brooke Shapiro, founder of East Bay parent resource group Sprinkles Parents, for sharing this list with us. In addition to hosting events for parents, Brooke reviews ice cream on Instagram with her toddler.

East Bay Ice Creams For Your Summer Bucket List

De La Creamery

Created by Stephanie De La Cruz, these handmade, Mexican-inspired ice creams and vegan sorbets can be found only by following her on Instagram or Twitter and heading to one of her pop-ups. De La Creamery serves nostalgic favorites on a seasonally rotating menu. I may be a little biased because Stephanie and I co-host an ice cream podcast called “Let’s Spoon,” but her horchata ice cream is killer. So grab a pint, and take a listen while you enjoy her great flavors.

Mexican chocolate ice cream from Oakland
Mexican chocolate ice cream in a concha pastry from De La Creamery (photo theirs)

Bad Walter’s Bootleg Ice Cream

During the pandemic, Sydney started Bad Walter’s Bootleg Ice Cream out of her living room. I used to pick it up on Saturdays while my daughter napped in the car. These days, she’s gone legit and sells it out of Korner Bar (another foodie hotspot that parents should know about). Her totally original flavors change weekly and are loaded with mix-ins and swirls. It’s also lactose-free, so it’s easy on everyone’s tummies. The only tough part is you need to pre-order it online before it sells out! It unlocks during bath/bedtime so set your alarm for 6:30 on Wednesdays.
Korner Bar is located at 1014 Fruitvale Ave in Oakland, California

Bad Walter's Ice Cream
photo courtesy Bad Walter’s Bootleg Ice Cream


When you can’t get your kids (or newborn) out the door, even for an ice cream run, sometimes it’s just easier if it comes to you. That’s why I love Miharu; it’s available through DoorDash. Check out their breakfast brownie.. you’re welcome!
Miharu is served out of the Oakland Food Hall cloud kitchen. No eating in, just pick-up and delivery.

Koolfi Creamery

Soon the perfect way to end your trip to Oakland Zoo will be at Koolfi Creamery. They used to sell it out of my favorite coffee spot in San Leandro, Zocalo, but Koolfi just announced they are opening their own space this Fall. They offer Indian-inspired flavors for a more sophisticated palate, and some classics for your kids to enjoy. For now, you can order delivery (four-pint minimum) or shop this local brand at Berkeley’s Bombay Spice Kitchen or Farmer Joe’s Market in Oakland.
Coming soon: 599 MacArthur Blvd, San Leandro (near the Zoo)

Phileas Fogg’s Fabulous Confections

When you are looking for childhood nostalgic ice cream with some decadent flavors, find out where the Fogg’s food truck is going to be parked. From Dole Whip (minus the chemicals from when we were little) to balsamic blueberry, the ice cream is super delicious. You can also get fresh, homemade donuts from this mobile food trailer. Be sure to ask for the specials — they’re constantly inventing new treats.

Thanks again to Brooke Shapiro for this cool list! Stay tuned for her favorite East Bay milkshakes – coming soon! 

Brooke Shapiro - Founder of Sprinkles Parents
Brooke Shapiro – Founder of Sprinkles Parents | Photo by Bespoke Photography

Follow Sprinkles Parents to find out about in-person and virtual events for East Bay parents. Follow @letspoon_podcast to find out what new ice cream flavors Brooke is digging into.

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