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Epic Summer Bucket List for Bay Area Kids

What to do with East Bay kids this special memorable summer? Some of our usual favorites aren’t on the books just yet so we’ll be adding more to your bucket list as the summer continues. Grab your sunscreen and a protective face mask (sometimes) and let’s have some fun! We hope you have an epic summer.

Never run out of family fun ideas with our list of destinations and activities for summer fun! We have selected dozens of Bay Area and near-home outings. We hope you’ll find plenty of things to do in the East Bay — and beyond! — this summer.

child and fairy door
Letter “O” fairy door on Bay Farm Island | Photo: Julia Gidwani

Outdoor Fun

  1. Cheer for the A’s. Baseball is back in Oakland. Take your family to an A’s game >
  2. Gather sea glass at Point Molate. You can make wind chimes with your haul.
  3. Go fishing. Bring your gear to some of the best spots for fishing in the East Bay.
  4. Find a treasure at TEPCO Beach in Richmond.
  5. Play mini-golf at Stagecoach Greens, Golfland, or Scandia.
  6. Bike around town. Find your nearest entry point to the Ohlone Trail or the Bay Trail and just ride. (Great beginner bike paths here!)
  7. Walkie talkie play date. Meet your buds at opposite ends of the park to play spy games with two-way radios.
  8. Wander along the shore at Robert Crown Memorial State Beach in Alameda.
  9. Explore Rock City with its caves and cool hollowed-out rock formations at Mt Diablo State Park.
  10. Take a safari. Safari West has reopened in Santa Rosa.
  11. Do an experiment. Check out Summer Fundays at the recently reopened Lawrence Hall of Science.
  12. Visit the Zoo. SF Zoo is open by appointment starting on 7/15. Oakland Zoo is open with restrictions on 7/29.
  13. Garden stroll. Chase butterflies, enjoy the flowers, wander the paths at The Gardens at Lake Merritt.
  14. Run around Cal Campus and find out why it is so special.
  15. Hike off the beaten path by getting an EBRPD permit for a special trail or two.
  16. Fly a kite. We like the marina paths at Cesar Chavez Park and a few other spots with high wind and room to run.
  17. Walk, bike, or scoot around the San Leandro Marina Park or Alameda Waterfront. 21 more places to scooter >>
  18. Take a beach day. Did you already know there are more than a dozen Bay Area beaches you can enjoy today?
kid Catching fish at San Pablo Reservoir
Catching fish at San Pablo Reservoir | Photo: Carol Burton

📆 On the Calendar: Special Days, Fairs & Festivals

June 2 & August 4: Get free admission to the Bay Area Discovery Museum! Reservations required.
June 5-13:
San Mateo County Fair has concerts, food, animals, and lots of surprises. 
Saturday, June 19: Celebrate Juneteenth with your family.
Saturday, August 14: Free Comic Book Day, various locations!
Saturday, August 14:
Gravenstein Apple Fair, Sebastapol
Labor Day Weekend: Close out the Summer with Bay Area KidFest in Concord!

Mark your calendars for more festivals and fairs >

Neighborhood Fun

The East Bay is full of treasures for scouting. Whether you find gorgeous street art or teeny-tiny gnomes, making a scavenger hunt part of your walk is more than half the fun.

  1. Explore the quirky side of town. Quirky Berkeley will help you find dozens of oddities throughout Berkeley from a giant orange to a birdhouse pyramid.
  2. Decorate your whole block with sidewalk chalk. Chalk out jokes, hopscotch, city skylines, or inspirational quotes.
  3. Go on a shape walk. Look for circles, shapes, or triangles and take pictures. Make a photo collage or book to enjoy later.
  4. Paint rocks with cheerful pictures or messages and hide them around your neighborhood.
  5. Look down and find the gnomes. Gnomes are all over certain parts of Oakland, and there are always more to find!
  6. Delight in the fairy homes. Little Point Richmond has small fairy homes tucked into unexpected places. Find them all, then be inspired to make one for your own home.
  7. Find the tiny doors from A to Z. Alameda has gotten in on the act of magical fairy doors and created a lovely alphabet path as well as many more throughout the island.
  8. Pose in front of some street art. Here are 7 murals of various sizes, colors, and subjects brightening up the East Bay. There are many, many more!
Discovering gnomes in Cleveland Heights neighborhood | Photo: Julia Gidwani

Air-conditioned (indoor?!) Fun

  1. Find a cheap movie for the kids. With tickets for only $1.50, how bad can it be?
  2. Build and play at the new LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Milpitas (grand opening June 14)
child scooter
Scooting the Bay Bridge Trail | Photo: Julia Gidwani

Active Fun

  1. Head to the water park! Have a blast on a hot day and go to Hurricane Harbor mega waterpark. More water park info here >>
  2. Explore the creek at downtown Piedmont Park. Walk the paths, dip your toes in the water. Pick up lunch or dinner from Mulberry’s Market. 5 more creeks to splash around >>
  3. Play tennis.
  4. Discover secret stairs and paths. The Secret Stairs of the East Bay is a handy guidebook to find some new ones. Wear yourself out running up and down the steps.
  5. Golf nine holes. Try a par 3 course with your favorite kid, maybe you’ll make it to 18. Hit a bucket of balls at the driving range. Sign up with this program so kids can golf cheaply.
  6. Walk around Lake Merritt.
  7. Climb up Indian Rock, a rugged hike that’ll take you to some beautiful views. Scramble the other rock parks in North Berkeley.
  8. Bike on a pump track. Check out Dirt World in Richmond or the BMX Park in Pleasanton for dirt biking and laughs.
  9. Kick a soccer ball at Dracena Quarry Park. BYO ball, cones, and snacks.
  10. Skateboard or scooter at the area skateparks.
  11. Cycle over the Bay. Ride bikes across the Bay Bridge to Treasure Island and back. Enjoy the Judge John Sutter Pier!
  12. Stand-up paddleboarding in Alameda. Make an appointment at Mike’s Paddle for gear and lessons. Here are more East Bay places to SUP >>
  13. Kayak in the Bay. Lots of cool East Bay places to get in the water for a kayak trip.
  14. Climb the hill and pick blackberries at the top of the Wildcat Canyon Regional Park’s Belgium trailhead.
jax playing tennis
Jax plays tennis at Grove Street Park courts | Photo: Annie Reid

Backyard Fun – if you have private-ish outdoor space, lucky you!

  1. Splash around in a kiddie pool of any size or shape. Even the smallest ones can serve to cool your hot toes with an ice bath. Annie loves her quarantine-purchase Sable inflatable pool for the kids and parents.
  2. Add a “water park” feature to your trampoline or running-around space. Sprinklers do a lot more than when we were kids.
  3. Build a hideaway fort. Overachieving parents might build a permanent treehouse structure while slackers like me can tape together shipping boxes.
  4. Build a planter or birdhouse. Woodworking kits at home give your kid a project and a finished result that can decorate your outdoor space.
  5. Garden. The lovely East Bay climate means we can always be sprouting, planting, and weeding.
  6. Read in a hammock. Check out library games, e-books, celebrities reading audiobooks, graphic novels, or whatever gets your kiddo to love reading. A hammock makes it more summery.
  7. Badminton. Badminton sets are fun and the sport is easy to learn for all ages. I would say that there’s not much difference between the $20 sets and the $65 sets, but then again, the sunshine ate my set during its second year.
  8. Camp in the backyard.
  9. Play bocce ball. The fancy sets are heirlooms or will glow in the dark, but a basic bocce set is only about $25.
  10. S’mores. After years of wishing, I pulled the trigger on a small propane fire bowl for our backyard. Marshmallows never tasted so good.
family of five at a's game
Our family of five at the A’s game | Photo: Roberto Santiago

Stay-up-late Fun

  1. Outdoor movie night. My family has a screen and a small projector. You can use a white sheet on a wall and a few more pieces of equipment to set up a backyard drive-in theater.
  2. Go stargazing. Escape the city lights and see the stars with your older kids!
  3. Hit the drive-in movie. See current movies from the comfort of your vehicle in Concord. There are also a few East Bay pop-up drive-ins.
Flying kite at cesar chavez park
Flying kite at Cesar Chavez Park in Berkeley | Photo: Carol Burton

Sweet Treats for Summertime

  1. Order ice cream. Walk to your favorite local ice cream joint or order it to your house (yes, that’s a thing!)
  2. Pick up some donuts just because. Our favorite donut spots >>
  3. Make lemonade or lemonade popsicles from the abundant supply of lemons around town.
  4. Bake a fruit pie. Once cherry-picking season ends, go for peaches and apricots — bake a pie together because ugly still tastes good!
  5. Bake something delicious. Not a baker? You can pick up an easy kit from Trader Joe’s.
  6. Make homemade ice cream.

Love our list? Print it! Share it! Come Back to it! Tell your friends!

* We fact-checked and cross-checked all of these listings but always encourage you to check again before packing up a carload of children and snacks for Summer Fun because stuff happens, especially when you’ve driven an hour to get there!

All recommendations were made by Heather and Whitney with help from our friends.

[Photos credits noted above]

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