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Roberts Regional Recreation Area: An Oakland Park with a Swimming Pool

Alert: Grand opening of Roberts Pool on Saturday, April 27, 2004. 

Tucked away in the Oakland Hills sits Roberts Park. This gem of the East Bay Regional Parks District is a vast recreation area with a huge playground, a heated pool, plus hiking trails, and more. If you’re coming from the Berkeley area, it’s about a 20-30 minute drive (depending on traffic), but it’s a good one and worth it. If you’re in Oakland, just head toward Chabot Space & Science Center.

Roberts Regional Recreation Area

The park’s playground has one of the biggest and most engaging structures I’ve seen. Various slides, climbing structures, bridges, tunnels, holes, and poles. Throughout the structure you can find little educational stations – a map of the United States, tracing games, number and letter recognition wheels, name that vegetable – all really great opportunities to engage with your child through play. I loved it. It’s also fully wheelchair accessible which is pretty neat.

Robert Regional Recreation Area

There’s a grassy area to sit up on a hill where you can watch your child play below, swings, boulders, clean bathrooms, and a huge grassy field to run, toss a ball, or have a picnic. And when you are done and sweaty, hop in the pool just steps away.

Oakland Public Pool in Roberts Regional Park
Public pool in Roberts Regional Recreation Area | Photo: Whitney Moss

The Roberts Pool was just renovated in 2023 and is open to the public from late-April through mid September for recreational swim. The pool is heated, has a shallow end of 3 feet, and lifeguards on duty.

Roberts Pool in Oakland
Roberts Pool in Roberts Regional Park | Photo courtesy East Bay Regional Parks District

Roberts Pool Hours

April 27-June 9: Weekends and holidays, 11am – 6pm
June 10-Aug 16: Daily, 11am – 4pm
Aug 17-Sep 15: Weekends and holidays, 11am – 6pm

To be certain, call first: (888) 327-2757, option 3, extension 4555.

And if that wasn’t enough, there are small trails from the parking lot where you can explore the redwoods. Walk as little or as long as you want under the shaded trees. So pretty.

If your child doesn’t fall asleep on the windy road home, stop in Montclair Village for lunch or a sweet treat. Park, pool, hike, food – what a day! Go.

Roberts Regional Recreational Area is located on 10570 Skyline Blvd. Plenty of parking is available, however there is a flat $5 fee – even if you are just playing at the park.

Roberts Regional Recreation Area playground

[Photo Credits: Anna Azimi except where noted]

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4 thoughts on “Roberts Regional Recreation Area: An Oakland Park with a Swimming Pool”

  1. One thing I HIGHLY recommend is to join the East Bay Regional Parks Foundation. As a member you get free parking at all these parks, free swimming and more discounts. One trip to Roberts to swim can save you at least 7 bucks! If you frequent the parks and swimming spots, it’s a great deal and a big help to our parks!

  2. One thing I’ve noticed recently- on multiple occasions at Robert- is that their restrooms are locked fairly early in the evening. I’m not sure when exactly they get locked, but they’ve definitely been locked by 7ish even though the sun is still out (at least on the summer) and lots of kids are still playing in the playground… just be prepared! If it’s an emergency there are (much less nice) portapotties/restrooms across the way at Joaquin Miller.

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