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Best Places to Take Kids in Montclair Village

We appreciate Oakland Dad, Adam Miller, sharing some of his family’s favorite places to shop, eat, and play today in our Parent’s Guide to Montclair Village. Other helpful parents sharing their picks include Carol Burton and Maureen Burke.

Montclair Village Mural
Montclair Village mural by Oakland artist Michael Wertz painted by the Skyline High Art Club | Photo: Adam Miller

What to Do with Kids in Montclair?

Tucked up in the Oakland Hills, above Highway 13, is the Oakland neighborhood of Montclair, or as the locals call it, “Montclair Village”. Its central business district is just a few blocks long but is packed with family-friendly restaurants, activities, and shopping. Plus, there is ample street parking and even a garage, so you won’t have to drive around with impatient kids asking how much longer until they can get out of the car.

Montclair Park Wagon
All aboard! Next stop playtime in the Montclair Park Wagon | Photo: Anna Azimi

Where to Play in Montclair Village

Montclair Park for running and climbing

Adjacent to the shopping area, sits the aptly, if not creatively, named Montclair Park. The park features slides, climbing structures, and swings for both the little and slightly bigger ones. There are two separate play areas, geared to different age groups so that your 18-month-old won’t get run over by an excited pack of 5-year-olds. There’s also a fun Wild West-themed play area with a stagecoach and little village. For older kids, there are tennis courts, pickleball courts, a skating half-pipe, and a large grass field. The field is home to many softball, baseball, and soccer team practices throughout the year (and also many geese, so watch your step!)
Location: 6226 Moraga Ave., Oakland

A small artificial lake lies in the middle, with waterfowl and even a whole bale of turtles, likely descended from a pair of abandoned family pets long ago. Across from the lake, is a wonderful area with picnic tables and barbeque grills. It makes a great place for a birthday party for any age. Note: reservations are required for tables and grills through Oakland Parks & Recreation. [Read a lot more about Montclair Park]

Tutu School for dance classes

You’ll often see a parade of little ones in cute leotards making their way up the hill to Tutu School, which offers beginning ballet instruction to kids from 18-months to 8-years-old. The classes are fun and creative, and the perfect way to introduce little ones to dance. Tutu School also offers camps and hosts birthday parties.
Location: 6206 La Salle Avenue, Oakland
Website >

Tutu School Princess Party
Oh, the cute! Tutu School Princess Party | Photo: Jodi Foucher for Tutu School

Han Martial Arts for sweet fighting moves

If your child is looking to use bare hands rather than a racket, Han Martial Arts, located just outside of the central Village, provides classes for kids as young as four.
Location: 2220 Mountain Boulevard, Oakland
Website >

Montclair Branch Library for stories galore

When we want some quiet time, we head over to the quaint building that looks like it leaped from the pages of a fairy tale to visit the Montclair Branch of the Oakland Public Library. There are extensive child, tween, and teen book collections amid the kid-sized furniture. Be on the lookout for Toddler Storytime and special events. Note that it is closed on Sundays.
Location: 1687 Mountain Boulevard, Oakland
Website >

Reading in Montclair branch library
Drop into Montclair Branch Library for quiet reading time, lively Toddler Storytime and everything in between. | Photo: Maureen Burke

Railroad Trail for biking and skating

Despite its hilly terrain, Montclair is surprisingly pedestrian-friendly. The Railroad Trail is a favorite for families because it offers 1.5 miles of paved, relatively flat path. Bring your scooter, stroller, bike, or dog to make your time on the trail more fun. Start behind the parking garage then travel down the tree-covered trail into Shepard Canyon.
Location: 6235 La Salle Avenue, Oakland behind the parking garage
Website >

Montclair Golf Course for driving & par 3

Down the hill, on the other side of Highway 13 from the Village, is the Montclair Golf Course. It is a bare-bones public course, which makes it the perfect place to learn for aspiring players. We like to go to the driving range. There’s also a par 3 course, club rentals, plenty of parking, and even a pretty decent restaurant. (Find more par 3 courses for East Bay kids)
Location: 2477 Monterey Boulevard, Oakland
Phone: (510) 482-0422
Website >

Dining Out with Kids in Montclair

Las Comadres Taqueria for burritos & horchata

My daughter’s number one go-to, not just in Montclair, but in all of Oakland is Las Comadres Taqueria. This taqueria is the closest you can get to a Mission-style burrito in our area and features a child-size burrito. For a special treat, order an horchata.
Pro tips: Don’t be afraid of the long line, it moves quickly! Las Comadres is closed on Sundays.
Location: 2081 Mountain Boulevard, Oakland

Las Comadres Taqueria in Montclair
Kid’s version of the chef’s table at Las Comadres Taqueria | Photo: Adam Miller

El Aguavero for a kids’ menu & margaritas

For a sit-down Mexican restaurant with tasty margaritas, head to El Aguavero. There is a kids’ menu for kids aged 6 and under, which even features some non-Mexican food items like burgers and chicken tenders, in case your little one isn’t craving a quesadilla.
Location: 2071 Mountain Boulevard, Oakland
Website >

EM Deli & Catering for an easy rice bowl

For delicious and quick Korean eats, our family likes to stop at EM Deli & Catering. It offers prepared hot and cold foods, plus Korean grocery options. I like to share a lunch plate or rice bowl. Don’t forget to pick up some kimchi, sauces, or snacks from the food market.
Location: 6119 La Salle Avenue, Oakland
Website >

Kotobuki for sushi and Japanese cuisine

Apparently, three is a magic number in the Village as, like with pizza, there are three good sushi restaurants within a block of each other. Our family favorite is Kotobuki. Authentic and tasty.
Pro tip: Ask for chopstick holders for kids.
Location: 6111 La Salle Avenue, Oakland
Website >

Tgi Oni Sushi for sushi rolls

Carol’s family swears by Tgi Oni Sushi for its awesome rolls and generous portions.
Location: 6100 La Salle Avenue, Oakland
Website >

Daughter Thai for satay & spice

An extremely popular addition to Montclair is Daughter Thai, which has sister restaurants in San Francisco and Jack London Square. Their take on Thai street food is mouth-watering and sometimes eye-watering. If they tell you something is spicy, believe them. We like to dine at this restaurant on date nights, but there is a small kids’ menu if you decide to bring the kids.
Pro tip: Avoid Friday and Saturday night for a family dinner as there will be a wait.
Location: 6118 Medau Place, Oakland
Website >

Pagarung Thai satay
My kid finds the peanut sauce at Pagarung Thai very satay-isfying! | Photo & pun: Adam Miller

Pagarung Thai for more peanut sauce

My daughter’s Thai food allegiance lies at the other end of the Village. However, my kid did a little happy dance at the newly reopened Pagarung Thai when she found out she could start heaping peanut sauce on her chicken satay at one more tasty place.
Location: 6200 Antioch Street, Oakland
Website >

Montclair Egg Shop for the best breakfast

Weekend brunch in Montclair means only one thing, and that is the Montclair Egg Shop. Since 1974, the Egg Shop has been serving everything from Corn Beef Hash to Challah French Toast to eager customers. Expect a wait if you show up during prime brunch hours, but the meal at this classic diner is worth it.
Location: 6126 Medau Place, Oakland
Website >

Yellow Door for breakfast on the go

For a quick breakfast or lunch option, stop by Yellow Door. The cafe is a newer addition to Montclair Village. It has a bright space, plus a few outdoor tables. Order espresso drinks, bakery items, breakfast items, salads, sandwiches, or grab-and-go choices. My family likes the breakfast burritos (served all day!).
Location: 6466 Moraga Avenue, Oakland
Website >

Montclair Farmers Market
Don’t miss the Sunday Farmer’s Market in Montclair | Photo: Adam Miller

Montclair Farmers’ Market @ La Salle and Moraga Avenues

The weekly Farmers’ Market is a cornerstone event of many Montclair Village families. Shop fresh produce, yummy bakery items, flowers, and artisanal goods every Sunday. Enjoy free parking in the garage.
Website >

Drinks and Treats for Kids in Montclair

Colonial Donuts for the best sugar rush

For many kids, Colonial Donuts is the highlight of Montclair Village. The donut shop is wildly popular and serves up a wide variety of delicious treats. You’ll see families in the shop at all hours of the day. We like to visit after ballet class or before playtime at the park.
Location: 6126 La Salle Avenue, Oakland

Donuts at Montclair Park
Eat donuts in Montclair Park for an easy place to burn off the sugar. | Photo: Maureen Burke

O Smoothie for frozen delights

When we feel like a healthier snack, we head over to O Smoothie. This isn’t just a dessert dressed up as a nutritious smoothie; their drinks include vegetables like beets, broccoli, and avocados. They also have numerous dairy alternatives. I recommend the “B4” and my daughter loves the “Berry Happy!”. Don’t forget to get your frequent sipper card punched.
Location: 2075 Mountain Boulevard, Oakland
Website >

Sophie’s Cuppa Tea for the perfect cup of tea

Sometimes though, a smoothie energy boost isn’t quite enough, right, parents? You could try Peet’s or Starbucks in the village, but my favorite is Sophie’s Cuppa Tea. Chalkboards throughout the tea shop display the names of their over 100 teas, sourced directly from China. For curious kids, the staff can suggest teas with low caffeine levels. Note that it is closed for a couple of months each spring as the owners lead tea trips to China.
Pro tip: On Fridays, there is live music, and during the week, it is a lovely quiet place to try a new tea while a baby sleeps in a nearby stroller.
Location: 2078 Antioch Court, Oakland
Website >

Montclair village greenspace
Lots of green space and trees in Montclair | Photo: Maureen Burke

Yogofina for our favorite froyo

Montclair is divided into two frozen yogurt factions. There are Tutti Frutti fans and there are Yogofina fans, but rare is the Montclarian who will claim allegiance to both. Our family is a punch-card-carrying member of Yogofina, which, like Tutti Frutti, is a self-serve model in which you pay by the ounce.
Pro tip: the cups are large, so watch your child before you end up paying $7 for a frozen yogurt topped with a dozen sour gummi worms.
Location: 4140 Medau Place, Oakland
Website >

Tutti Frutti has the best boba

We might not divide loyalties for froyo, but the boba here is just right. (More favorite East Bay boba)
Location: 2066 Mountain Blvd, Oakland

Le Bonbon Chocolates & Candies for chocolate options

If your family needs a variety of treats: a truffle for you, gelato for your teen, and jelly beans for your youngest, pop into this sweet shop. You’ll know it by the huge “Godiva Chocolates” sign, beckoning you up the hill.
Location: 2050 Mountain Boulevard, Oakland
Website >

Miette for delicious baked goods

Miette opened a charming little bakery in Montclair Village with delectable cupcakes, cookies, and cakes. Try the pretty macarons.
Location: 2220 Mountain Boulevard, Oakland
Website >

Highwire Coffee for local coffee

If you’re into local coffee roasters, visit Highwire Coffee. The local company recently opened a location in the village so parents can order delicious espresso drinks and kids can enjoy the tasty treats. My daughter loves the chocolate mochi.
Location: 2059 Mountain Boulevard, Oakland
Website >

Where to Shop for Kids in Montclair

Montclair Toyhouse for all the toys & free wrapping

Go to any birthday party in the neighborhood and presents wrapped in Montclair Toyhouse paper are ubiquitous. A fixture in the community for more than 50 years, the Montclair Toyhouse has a good selection of LEGO, Squishees, slime, and more.
Pro tip: Best of all for the busy parent, gift wrapping is free!
Location: 6115 La Salle Avenue, Oakland
Website >

A Great Good Place for Books for all the books & free wrapping

Just across the street from the Toyhouse is A Great Good Place for Books. There are numerous children and young adult books on the shelves in the back. The knowledgeable staff is also happy to suggest new titles to young readers or to order a book for you. All my best book buys have come from staff recommendations!
Pro tip: Take advantage of free gift wrapping during the holiday season.
Location: 6120 La Salle Avenue, Oakland
Website >

Montclair village book store
Window shopping in Montclair Village | Photo: Maureen Burke

That’s just a taste of all that small, but mighty, Montclair Village has to offer. We love living here. What are your favorites? Tell us in the comments section.

Upcoming Events in Montclair for families

Sunday, January 29, 2023

Time Event
9:00 am - 1:00 pm Montclair Village Farmers' Market
Montclair Village, Oakland

Thursday, February 2, 2023

Time Event
10:15 am - 10:45 am Toddler Storytime
Montclair Branch | Oakland Public Library, Oakland

Sunday, February 5, 2023

Time Event
9:00 am - 1:00 pm Montclair Village Farmers' Market
Montclair Village, Oakland

Thursday, February 9, 2023

Time Event
10:15 am - 10:45 am Toddler Storytime
Montclair Branch | Oakland Public Library, Oakland

Sunday, February 12, 2023

Time Event
9:00 am - 1:00 pm Montclair Village Farmers' Market
Montclair Village, Oakland

Thursday, February 16, 2023

Time Event
10:15 am - 10:45 am Toddler Storytime
Montclair Branch | Oakland Public Library, Oakland

Sunday, February 19, 2023

Time Event
9:00 am - 1:00 pm Montclair Village Farmers' Market
Montclair Village, Oakland

Thursday, February 23, 2023

Time Event
10:15 am - 10:45 am Toddler Storytime
Montclair Branch | Oakland Public Library, Oakland

Sunday, February 26, 2023

Time Event
9:00 am - 1:00 pm Montclair Village Farmers' Market
Montclair Village, Oakland

Thursday, March 2, 2023

Time Event
10:15 am - 10:45 am Toddler Storytime
Montclair Branch | Oakland Public Library, Oakland

[Photos by Adam Miller and others as noted]



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