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10 East Bay classes for a great workout with a baby in tow

Want to get a good workout with baby in tow? 

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Here are eight ways to get an effective workout with baby — or toddler — in tow. From Mom and Baby classes to studios with childcare on-site, we’ve got some ideas for you.

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1) Use the Openfit app for a workout in your home or on the go (pushing a stroller, if that’s what you need to do). Enjoy the awesome music, and know that your coach will guide you the whole way — mostly through audio.

2- Baby Boot Camp, Oakland

With classes at Lake Temescal, you’ll bring your stroller and make your way around a circuit, led by an instructor. Jog or walk – it’s up to you. The workout includes resistance bands (provided by the instructor) and good old fashioned lunges and push-ups. Register online for a free trial class. It’s a good place to meet others who are on maternity leave. Website >

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Find your community of local moms who understand your world right now

4- Yogalayam, Berkeley

There are other options for postpartum yoga, but Yogalayam offers the most tailored to new mom’s experience. With baby whisperers standing by to bounce your fussy baby or bring a fresh towel to clean up projectile spit up, every new mom in the East Bay should try this class once. Mom + Baby yoga is offered Tuesdays and Fridays at 10 am. (Note: due to the distraction of the babies, you may not break a sweat in this “yoga” class, but it’s a uniquely Berkeley experience). Located on Alcatraz Ave.


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5- The Berkeley YMCA

Childwatch allows members of the Y to check their children in while they work out. Children can be as young as 8 weeks old. Worried parents, rest assured, the crying policy means that you will be summoned to comfort your babe if she is unhappy after five minutes of soothing from a childcare provider. Local mom, Aileen Clark, says, “We love the Hilltop Family YMCA. Child watch is included with a membership. I can bring all three of my kids every day (Monday-Saturday) for up to 2 hours. That means exercise AND time to read a book.”

The cost of the Berkeley Y’s onsite childcare is $2.50 per half hour per child. Bonus: You can squeeze in an onsite shower while your baby is still in Childwatch. Details here>

6- The Dailey Method, Berkeley and Piedmont

With a combination of ballet barre work, conditioning and stretching, this work out will certainly push you into the sweaty zone. The Piedmont and Elmwood locations both have onsite childcare for children from six weeks up to ten years old. Childcare is available M-F in the morning classes. Drop-ins and people at all fitness levels are welcome. Visit their website to reserve a spot in a class and to reserve childcare. Berkeley > Piedmont >

7- Hipline Dance Studio, Oakland

This totally Oakland studio is all about the community love. You are guaranteed to feel like a million bucks after one of their dance classes. A childcare room invites up to four babies or little kids at a time to hang out with a quality babysitter while mom shakes her booty in the studio. Reserve and pay for your onsite childcare when you reserve your class. Hipline’s entrance is located in the Trader Joe’s parking lot on Lakeshore Ave.

8- Bladium, Alameda

Lil Kickers class: Tots Day out at Bladium in Alameda
Photo: Arlene Easterwood, Icarian | kids activities at Bladium

Membership at the Bladium Sports and Fitness Club in Alameda means on-site childcare is included for up to two hours each day during the hours of 8:30am to noon and 4:30pm to 8pm for children as young as 3 months old. Please bring little ones with full tummies and fresh diapers. Fitness options include group exercise classes, soccer, Jiu-Jitsu, rock-climbing, and a personal trainer. Lots of free parking.


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9- Bar Method, Berkeley

With a Kids Room staffed during select classes, Bar Method offers mom-friendly classes. Plus, the Gourmet Ghetto location, means Upper Shattuck stores and restaurants are easy to access after class.

10- Hilltop YMCA, Richmond

Local blogger Aileen tells us, “We love the Hilltop Family YMCA. Child watch is included with a membership. I can bring all three of my kids every day (Monday-Saturday) for up to 2 hours. That means exercise AND time to read a book.”

11- Equinox, Downtown Berkeley

With onsite childcare, this full-service gym with group workout classes (think yoga, pilates, cardio-dance) offers an upscale oasis for parents. Kids Club passes are sold separately to members, though the Kids Club is closed 2-4 pm weekdays.

Gixo Indoor Workout
Using OpenFit app indoors: Naptime workout options range from 15-minute Total Core classes to 25-minute Circuit Training & Reps

[Photo credits: Title photo: Whitney Moss; Outdoor stroller mom: Whitney Moss; Mama Army Stroller Fitness photo courtesy Mama Army; Bladium indoor soccer field: Arlene Easterwood; Indoor push-up mom: courtesy of OpenFit]

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8 thoughts on “10 East Bay classes for a great workout with a baby in tow”

  1. North Berkeley Bar Method also deserves a mention for their Kids Room and friendly staffers. Plus the location makes it really easy to run errands at Safeway/Cheese Board etc after class with your little one in tow.

  2. The only time I can fit in a workout with my kid outside of the house is on weekends. Are there any weekend places we can work out together?

  3. MissFit Bootcamp in Eden Shores in Hayward is awesome! Bring your kids on bikes/scooters or babies in strollers and they get to play and socialize while you workout and chat with other mamas. There’s no judgement and no drama and it’s super effective and fun. I’ve lost 25 lbs. Workouts are for beginners up to advanced – the instructor modifies movements for you and there’s no judgement at all. Some mamas started having not worked out in years! And we do girls night out and family events sometimes too. Come join us, we have fun!

    Follow us on Instagram and Facebook @missfit.eastbay

  4. I teach a postpartum fitness class at CrossFit Oakland Uptown. You can bring your baby and workout while wearing them if you choose to! It’s specifically designed to restore the regain strength in your body after birth. I am certified to coach by Birthfit. Follow me on FV Jen Deering Strength Training or IG JDiz25

  5. Virtual Prenatal Pilates 4-Week Class:
    Working out while pregnant is one of the best ways to have an easier recovery after childbirth. Strengthen the muscles that become weak during pregnancy; inner thighs, upper back, hips and core. Release the tight muscles of the chest, upper shoulders, hips and glutes. 4 weeks of foam rolling, stretching and strengthening to help you feel better! This is a virtual 45 min class. You will need light weights 3-5lbs, a foam roller and mat (depending on your home surface).
    Sign up here! https://www.vagaro.com/bkrootsfitness/classes

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