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East Bay Preschool Guide

{510} Families is delighted to share the following preschools, playschools, daycares, and co-ops that care for our children of the East Bay. Our sponsoring early education programs are heavily focused in the Oakland and Berkeley area. We hope you’ll find the perfect fit for your family’s needs.
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East Bay Preschools

Arbor Preschool


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Arbor Preschool is a Spanish/English program with an emergent, play-based curriculum for 22 students ages 2.6-5. This warm, inviting space is set up with an outdoor classroom where teachers engage children in thoughtful, observation-based activities. Please reach out to learn more.

index.php?gf download=2021%2F09%2FBHNS 250

Small, cozy play-based preschool with a tight-knit community of families in the Berkeley Hills. Limited capacity this year of 14 children per class. Covid measures in place, fully vaccinated staff. Email for more info.

index.php?gf download=2021%2F12%2Flittle school 250

A neighborhood preschool with 3 locations: Rockridge Little School (2) and Berkeley Little School. Each offers full and part-day mixed-age programs in a nurturing, creative environment, drawing from philosophies such as Montessori, Reggio Emilia, and Waldorf. The vibrant and culturally rich preschools serve ages 2-5. Also 5776 Broadway in Oakland.

Berkeley Rose Waldorf School

Preschoolers, Transitional Kindergarten

index.php?gf download=2021%2F09%2FBRWS logo125

Berkeley Rose nurtures the imagination with a media-free childhood. As in a cozy home, cooking, home-care, painting, sewing, puppet plays, stories, singing, rhymes, verse, movement, crafts, and free play provide for the children a gentle, stress-free experience of school.

Broadmoor Preschool

Toddlers (ages 18 to 30 months), Preschoolers, Transitional Kindergarten

index.php?gf download=2022%2F03%2FBroadMoor 200

Broadmoor Preschool is a play-based parent cooperative located in San Leandro. Broadmoor values diversity and admits students of all backgrounds offering quality early education at an affordable tuition. Find more on social media: @broadmoorcoop.

Broadway Children's School of Oakland (BCSO)

Toddlers (ages 18 to 30 months), Preschoolers

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BCSO's play-based early childhood programs are designed to foster the social, emotional, physical, creative, and intellectual growth and development of its students. They combine child-centered learning with parent enrichment, cultivating a committed community that offers families a bedrock of support, knowledge-sharing and friendship.

index.php?gf download=2021%2F09%2Fblank 25012

Curious Explorers Academy proudly offers a positive, child-centered preschool experience that fosters a love of learning in a nurturing community. They promote an environment where children become independent, confident, lifelong learners with a strong sense of self.

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Dandelion is a play-based cooperative nursery school. Parents share in the operation of the school and are actively involved in their child’s learning. Dandelion’s teachers provide leadership as they model developmentally appropriate practice, curriculum, and their skilled, loving support of the children.

Diamond Little People Academy (DLPA)

Toddlers (ages 18 to 30 months), Preschoolers, Transitional Kindergarten

index.php?gf download=2021%2F09%2FDiamondLittlePeople150

Diamond Little People Academy is all about bringing inspiration to ages 18 months through kindergarten. Located in the Dimond District, their warm and friendly staff aim to create a positive self-image for each child. Safety and love is at the core of the program.

East Bay German International School (EBGIS)

Toddlers (ages 18 to 30 months), Preschoolers, Transitional Kindergarten

index.php?gf download=2021%2F09%2Febgis 250v2

The East Bay German International School is a dual-language immersion school offering preschool through high school programs. The early childhood program is based on early immersion principles, focuses on social-emotional skills, and uses free and guided play to teach and inspire.

Ecole Bilingue de Berkeley (EB)

Preschoolers, Transitional Kindergarten

index.php?gf download=2022%2F02%2FEB Logo 250

Ecole Bilingue de Berkeley is a French-American program where the children are immersed in the French language and culture, approximately 80% of the day. The program supports innate language ability and creativity, nurtures emotional growth and social development, and fosters exploration with an international mindset; in 2 languages!

Escuela Bilingüe Internacional (EBI)

Preschoolers, Transitional Kindergarten

index.php?gf download=2021%2F09%2Febi tagline

EBI’s pe-kinder Spanish immersion program provides a nurturing learning environment where students explore their environment through play. Rooted in the International Baccalaureate (IB) with Reggio Emilia influences, our youngest students are engaged in learning and socio-emotional development.

Holding Hands Preschool

Preschoolers, Transitional Kindergarten

index.php?gf download=2022%2F03%2FHoldingHands

Holding Hands Preschool believes that children learn actively through hands-on experiences, problem-solving, and creativity. Their curriculum is designed to meet the needs and talents of children and to sustain the sparkle shown by young children as they work towards mastery. Open M-F, 8 to 5:30.

index.php?gf download=2021%2F09%2Fjcc

The JCC’s award-winning Preschool is a play-based, nurturing place for early childhood education. Each day includes group activities, music, art, and team projects as well as individual, creative exploration. This North Berkeley Preschool is culturally Jewish and proudly welcomes families and children from all backgrounds.

Kids Speaking Spanish (KSS) Immersion Schools

Preschoolers, Transitional Kindergarten

index.php?gf download=2021%2F09%2Fkss

KSS Immersion Schools specialize in Spanish language immersion programs for preschoolers through Kindergarten, ages 2-6 - in the San Francisco Bay Area including Albany, Oakland, San Jose, and Walnut Creek – giving students a leg up in their education and lives.

KLA Schools of Walnut Creek

Infants, Toddlers (ages 18 to 30 months), Preschoolers, Transitional Kindergarten

index.php?gf download=2020%2F12%2Fkla logo

KLA Schools of Walnut Creek is a Reggio Emilia-inspired preschool that believes in the infinite capabilities within each child. Every classroom offers low ratios, highly qualified teachers, and intentional experiences supporting your child's development. Serving children as young as 3-months all the way through Kindergarten.

L'Academy Language Immersion Preschool, Kensington

Toddlers (ages 18 to 30 months), Preschoolers

index.php?gf download=2021%2F10%2Flacademy logo 250

At L’Academy, they take a holistic approach to teaching a second language through meaningful activities and play. Their curriculum is focused on developing the whole child in a fun and loving way; children are shown pathways to become confident, creative, expressive, and compassionate citizens of the world.

La Plazita Preschool

Infants, Toddlers (ages 18 to 30 months), Preschoolers, Transitional Kindergarten

index.php?gf download=2021%2F10%2Fplazita 245

Brand new center opening in San Leandro for Infants 3 months to 5 years. Full Spanish Immersion and preparation for kindergarten across the street from San Leandro BART station.

index.php?gf download=2021%2F09%2Ffrancophone 250

Les Petits Francophones is a non-profit dual-language immersion preschool (2 to 5 years old) dedicated to offering a French education to Bay Area families, at an affordable price. They offer play-based and guided activities as well as weekly cooking activities, bi-monthly art, and yoga activities.

Montclair Community Play Center (MCPC)

Toddlers (ages 18 to 30 months), Preschoolers, Transitional Kindergarten

index.php?gf download=2019%2F09%2FMCPC v3 125

MCPC is a vibrant community of 25 families who celebrate both their differences and commonalities in a diverse, inclusive school. As the oldest cooperative preschool in Oakland (1933), MCPC emphasizes social-emotional learning through creative problem solving and conflict resolution — all while providing a joyous free-play preschool experience.

index.php?gf download=2021%2F09%2Fmfs 250 2

Montessori Family School's Early Childhood Program in Berkeley offers an authentic Montessori experience for 3 to 5-year-olds. Currently, they are offering an open-air and interactive outdoor program complete with an outside classroom in a large garden near the Berkeley Hills. 8:30 am to 6 pm Monday through Friday programing available.

Oak Grove Learning

Toddlers (ages 18 to 30 months), Preschoolers, Transitional Kindergarten

index.php?gf download=2020%2F09%2Foak grove 250

Oak Grove Learning is a recently opened 18 month - Kindergarten academic Montessori curriculum educational environment. The focus is to ensure that all children connect with each other and the materials in a loving, safe and supportive setting. See the 510families Spotlight on Oak Grove.

Prospect Sierra School

Transitional Kindergarten

index.php?gf download=2020%2F09%2Fprospect 250

Prospect Sierra’s transitional kindergarten is designed for four- and five-year-olds who are ready to learn by doing. The program is designed to help students to develop empathy, find joy in learning, and cultivate strong pre-academic skills.

index.php?gf download=2021%2F09%2Fshu ren 250

Shu Ren inspires students with a love of learning through an inquiry-based Mandarin immersion program that prepares students with the heart and mind to thrive in an evolving global society. The early childhood program enrolls begins at age 2. The school continues through grade 5.

The Berkeley School (TBS)

Preschoolers, Transitional Kindergarten


Founded in 1963, The Berkeley School is a Pre-K to 8th-grade school that prepares children to become lifelong learners. The multi-age Early Childhood classrooms follow the Montessori model as well as the Reggio Emilia approach, facilitating child-centered learning opportunities.

The Lake School

Toddlers (ages 18 to 30 months), Preschoolers, Transitional Kindergarten

index.php?gf download=2021%2F09%2Fblank 25011

The Lake School is in its 40th year of serving the Oakland community, providing a play and project-based education for children ages 2 to 5. They see each child as a unique individual and allow for personal choice while emphasizing social behavior such as cooperation and respect for others and the environment.

The Renaissance International School (TRIS)

Toddlers (ages 18 to 30 months), Preschoolers, Transitional Kindergarten

index.php?gf download=2021%2F09%2FTheRenaissanceSchoolLogo

The Montessori program's core curriculum includes practical life, sensorial, language, literature, art, music, mathematics, and French/English or Spanish/English language immersion. TRIS provides students with a high-quality education in a multicultural environment designed to create compassionate, capable, confident, creative individuals.

Wild Child Preschool

Toddlers (ages 18 to 30 months), Preschoolers

index.php?gf download=2021%2F10%2Fwildchild 250

Wild Child is where a lifetime of creativity begins. They offer half- and full-day toddler and preschool programs with STEAM curriculum, music + movement, and nature explorations. See the 510families Spotlight on Wild Child.

Yu Ying Yuan Bilingual Mandarin Preschool (YYY)

Preschoolers, Transitional Kindergarten

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Yu Ying Yuan is a bilingual (Mandarin/English preschool) in Alameda serving children from ages 2 to 6 years old. Activities aim to enhance early child development through a balance of play-based and structured learning. The goal is to enrich all aspects of a child’s growth, including their social, artistic, physical, and emotional development.

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Preschooler doing art at Twirl, Alameda
Photo: Shannon from Fig and Peach Photography

All featured preschools are sponsors of 510families.com. If you’d like to be added to our East Bay Preschool Guide, please contact ADS@510FAMILIES.COM. And thanks for all you do for our children! We love ya.

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