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We love Everyday Bento!

Local author and blogger, Wendy Copley, wrote and photographed my children’s current favorite book: Everyday Bento: 50 Cute and Yummy Lunches To Go. My sons love to pour over the pictures and invite me to create their favorite designs.

Wendy is very realistic and specific walking you through each of the creations step-by-step. Stuffed with ideas lists, equipment basics, tutorials, and gorgeous photos of real-life food, you’ll be inspired and encouraged with your own lunchbox packing. The pictures will make your picky child want to try new foods because it is artfully arranged.

Everyday Bento (cookbook)

You know I love this book, I was blurbed on the jacket!

Copley’s clear, simple instructions and creative approach will help you produce adorable boxed lunches with a variety of healthful fresh foods. I’m looking at my cookie cutters, Play-doh tools, and kitchen containers in a whole new light!

See also Wendy’s guest post: Places to buy lunch packing supplies in the {510}.


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15 thoughts on “We love Everyday Bento!”

  1. I love adding lots of berries and veggie sticks to my lunches… But I need more tips (my toddler is starting a 2 day a week program in a month, and I need great lunch ideas for her! Nervous about her actually eating the lunches I pack!) Looks like a great, helpful and fun book!

  2. I love this, especially the category of “busy morning bentos.” It seems like it could be so cute if I could do it fast enough. Can’t wait to read it!

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