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Local sweet potato pie queen: Mamie & Makhi’s

Introducing Lois Porter of Mamie & Makhi Sweet Potato Pie
Lois Porter is a friend of mine. She is funny, knows everything, has tremendous patience with children and she bakes a mean sweet potato pie. In fact, Lois has perfected her pie recipe into a multi-use sweet potato pie filling that tastes great as pie (duh!), pancakes, and biscuits. The filling comes in a jar so you pour it and bake it yourself.

Baking a pie is a delicious and easy project with a preschooler (especially if your purchase the pie crust too).

Buy some batter at Berkeley Bowl (in the frozen section near cookie dough) or at Piedmont Grocery.

Find out more at mamieandmakhis.com. Or just show her your love as a facebook fan.

[Photo by Lois Porter, all rights reserved]

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