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Diverse Reading List via Solidarity Sundays

Jenny Berggren is a librarian and parent living in the Bay Area. She gave me permission to share an excerpt from her fantastic Solidarity Sundays rad kids reading list. Solidarity Sundays is a nationwide network for over 100 feminist activist groups focused on resisting the current administration as well as systemic inequities. Based on that broad goal, these books cover a wide array of topics.

Books for Younger Readers (preschool & elementary)

Ada Twist, Scientist

Most of these titles are less than $10 and feature beautiful artwork along with an inspiring message of people striving to work hard to benefit others. You’ll have a hard time choosing just one. Jenny’s full list includes even more books than I included here. See the whole list!

Books for Older Readers (upper elementary/middle school)

Freedom Over Me: Eleven Slaves, Their Lives and Dreams Brought to Life by Ashley Bryan (Coretta Scott King Illustrator Honor Books)

Thanks again to Jenny Berggren and to Solidarity Sundays for allowing me to share a portion of their list. Go, be inspired; see the rest of the Solidarity Sundays kids booklist >

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