Annie Burke, Author at 510 Families

Annie Burke

Exploring Sibley at the summer solstice

Soak Up the Summer Solstice in the East Bay

Seek out the summer solstice on Wednesday, June 21 in Oakland. Soak in the daylight, salute the sun, play outside.
Biking through Tilden Park with kids

5 Tips to Get Your Teenager to Play Outside

As my kids get older, it is harder to take them outside into nature. Here are five strategies I’ve used to get my kids to ...

Pushing Through to Point Pinole with Kids

This helpful guest post is by Annie Burke. She not only shares her insider tips to Point Pinole Regional Shoreline, but she also keeps it ...
Morgan Territory climb a tree

Winter is the Best Time to Explore the California Delta with Kids

Annie Burke is the creator of Outside Kids.  In the summer months, those of us living in the hot inland areas head west on highways 580, 80, ...
Sunol activities for the winter

Yes, the Bay Area Does Have Seasons: Winter

We gratefully welcome back Annie Burke, founder of Outside Kids, for today’s post. Most people say that the Bay Area doesn’t have seasons. I disagree. ...
Exploring the Black Diamond Mines, photo by Annie Burke

Field Trip to the Hills and Tunnels of Black Diamond Mines

Thank you to Annie Burke sharing her terrific tips for exploring Black Diamond Mines with kids in tow.   There’s something cool about exploring an ...
Take kids all the way outside in the Bay Area

Go Outside with Kids, Really Outside

Feeling quite tired of playgrounds (I hear you!), Berkeley mom of two Annie Burke started taking her family and friends out to some less-traveled parks ...
Long shadows at sunset on the solstice

{510} Family Faves with Outdoors Advocate Annie Burke

Annie Burke loves to take her children outside into the parks, seashore, and nature In the Bay Area. Get your fingernails dirty.
Sunol Regional Wilderness

Going Back Again and Again to Sunol

This guest post was written by Annie Burke, founder of Outside Kids. I totally get the ‘bucket list, mentality of seeing new places. The Bay ...

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