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Save $1000 on an Xtracycle Electric Cargo Bike

Have you seen folks cruising around on big, long bicycles with kids riding on the back? We’ve always been curious about electric cargo bikes too, and Xtracycle offered us the chance to take one for a spin. Read on to learn about these super comfy, capable bikes that offer top-notch safety for both rider and passengers.

We thank Xtracycle for sponsoring {510} Families today and sharing their electric cargo bikes with our family for test-driving. Save up to $1000 on your purchase, details at the bottom of this post!

Maureen and two kids on the xtracycle
Riding my opinionated young testers around the East Bay | Photo: Maureen Burke

I was excited to borrow two different Xtracycles for a few weeks to see how the electric cargo bike life would fit in my real life with my two kids, ages 4 and 7. My husband and I really enjoyed our time with the RFA and Swoop models. Maybe you noticed us riding them all throughout Berkeley.

My family is in serious talks to purchase a cargo bike this month as a result of this test — likely Xtracycle, but we’re testing a few other brands. I’m a bit shocked by that because I always thought cargo e-bikes would be too bulky to handle or not provide a good workout; however, that’s totally not the case!

Before this experiment, neither my husband nor I had spent any time on an e-bike or cargo bike and we were uncertain how much we’d even like it. Well, riding an electric cargo bike with kids is an empowering, rejuvenating, and bonding experience. In short, we loved it.

3 kids on the back of a cargo bike with an adult driving it
The Xtracycle Swoop can fit 1-3 kids on the rear deck or two child seats for ages 1-3. | Photo: R. Evans

We found many ways to use the bike each day. I biked with my kids to camp, preschool, birthday parties, the community garden, stores, and the pool. I had no issues with steep hills (I rode from 4th Street Shops to Codornices Park in a snap!) or riding over poorly maintained roads.

It was enjoyable for all involved. My kids kept asking, “Can we take the bike?” and I was happy to get more time in the sunshine and fresh air. My husband would sometimes take them on a bike ride in the evening to calm them down and get a burst of cold air before bed. It reminded me of when we’d take the kids on evening stroller walks to wind down.

About Xtracycle Electric Cargo Bikes

Xtracycle’s three models of electric cargo bikes are considered “long tails” or “mid tails” because of the back deck you can use for kids and hauling life’s gear. You stay in control while the electric motor gives you extra oomph whenever you want more power or speed. Full-size wheels help maintain stability riding over a variety of road conditions while helping absorb bumps in the road (I’m looking at you, Berkeley streets) without the complexity of suspension forks found on many smaller, more expensive compact 20”-wheel cargo bikes.

one child and adult on an xtracycle cargo bike in front of a playground
Multiple handrail options to give older kids more independence. Even adults (up to 200lbs.) can ride on the back of an Xtracycle (pictured here is RFA “Ready For Anything”)| Photo: C. Swegle

High-quality cargo bikes are a great alternative to buying a second car for many families. They’re more affordable, healthier for you (because the motor responds to how you pedal, you’re still moving your body), can carry just about everything you need, and actually don’t take much more time than a car trip. (I found riding can even be quicker than a car in traffic, school drop-off lines, and difficult parking situations.) Xtracycle strives to make capable and affordable bikes for everyday people. 

ebike two kids playing in a rocky creekbed with 2 parents
An Xtracycle is fully-capable of on and off-road adventures. | Photo: M. Sundberg

Try An Xtracycle for Yourself

For my preferences and family size, I liked the compact size of the RFA but was able to keep my balance and feel more confident on the Swoop. There’s also a third model, the Stoker, that works well for off-road adventures.

Take a test drive with your crew to find the perfect fit. They’ll help you make a fun day of it with playground and restaurant recommendations in Mill Valley.

Learn more at >> or schedule a test ride at the Store in Mill Valley >>

Coming Soon: Family Bike Day Celebration!

Sunday, September 10, noon-4 pm, Xtracycle is hosting a Family Bike Day & 25th Anniversary Celebration with a kids-learn-to-ride clinic, demo rides, group rides, food, music, games, prizes, and free ice cream at their Mill Valley flagship store.

Visit >> 

See the Xtracycle Lifestyle For Yourself

Save big on an Xtracycle

{510 Families} readers can get early access to Xtracycle’s Back-to-School Sale and save $1000 on any bike with code 510FAM. *Valid on bikes priced $4999 and above, enter code at checkout. Expires September 4, 2023. >>

What Other Parents Are Saying about Xtracycle

“The Xtracycle Swoop is an amazing all-around bike that I use to bring my kids to school, run errands, and ride for fun. It’s a comfy, sturdy, powerful, and reliable replacement for car trips.” ~ Riley

“We were looking to reduce our carbon footprint. A cargo bike seemed the ideal way to cut our emissions. Our Xtracycle does this and brings so much joy into otherwise mundane commutes.” ~ Todd

adult pedals 2 children on a cargo bike past the golden gate bridge
The Xtracycle Swoop has a powerful motor to help you get up hills and even off-road trails. | Photo: M. Sundberg

We thank Xtracycle for sponsoring {510} Families today and sharing their electric cargo bikes with our family for test-driving. Save $1000 on any bike with code 510FAM. *Valid on bikes priced $4999 and above, enter code at checkout. Expires September 4, 2023. >>


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