Dinner on the table: SpoonRocket

The other day as I was assembling dinner, my husband arrived home and I asked, “How hungry are you?” and he answered, “Pretty hungry” so I clicked ORDER on a SpoonRocket.com delivery right then and there. Within ten minutes, a container of chicken, rice, and vegetables arrived at my house. True Story.

SpoonRocket delivers around the East Bay for $6

Spoon Rocket promises hot, fresh meals in minutes for $6 each. And delivers. Faster than you can search your own fridge and boil water, a more-or-less nutritionally balanced entree just shows up. Because of the speed of the service, that meal was probably already circling your neighborhood before you even decided you wanted it, and you will be asked to meet the driver on the sidewalk.

Each day, there is one vegetarian choice and one meaty. Feel free to get one of each.

I have tried Spoon Rocket several times now and have LOVED the speed and liked the food. The mushrooms with polenta were a tasty treat and some meals have felt a little more like regular fast food. Lucky for my family, it is fast food made with really good ingredients (and did I mention that it comes faster than it would take me to make a decision about a frozen meal and heat it up? Yes, I think I did.).

Fellow Berkeley Mom, Cori Kesler of Kesler Creative Communications adds, “I hope they succeed. I love them. Last week Maia (age 8) was at overnight camp for two nights so Joe (age 12) and I ordered spoonrocket both days – he preferred it to going out. I’ve used them pretty often for a late lunch just for myself – cheaper and faster than going around the corner for a sandwich. The food has ranged from OK to really delicious. Nothing has been inedible and it’s always arrived quickly and hot. The guys who drive the trucks are very nice. I’d like them to offer a cookie with the meal – but I have a sweet tooth.”

Yes, a cookie would be perfect.

SpoonRocket delivers tasty meals in minutes in the east bay

A few more things you might want to know from their website:

The meats we use are all natural, free-range, anti-biotic and growth hormone free. Also, most, if not all, of our produce is organic, sourced from GreenLeaf, the crème de la crème of produce distributors.


We pledge to donate one nutritious meal to a child in need with every meal you purchase via World Food Program USA.


For a limited time to celebrate SpoonRocket’s debut, request an invite for a free LIFETIME membership. After this promotion period, SpoonRocket membership will be $40/year for non-members.

The delivery zone is still growing. Right now, it includes most of Berkeley and Emeryville.

Are you a SpoonRocket covert yet? I’d love to hear your experiences!

[Images: Food via spoonrocket.com as today’s meal; Picture of truck taken by Whitney Moss; Delivery map via spoonrocket.com googlemaps mashup by way of picmonkey current as of 1:14pm today]

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  1. says

    This is a wonderful idea. Usually, by the time we decide to order out, we are already way behind schedule, so it’s great to hear about a service that can drop off a hot meal so quickly. I just signed up.

  2. says

    We have a three month year old baby and we use spoonrocket at least three times a week. The food is usually really good and they serving sizes are large. The food typically arrives ten minutes after we order it.

  3. Rondi Gilbert says

    My 13 yo is a vegetarian and I eat meat. We have compromised with pizza, but Spponrocket is much better (and cheaper). It’s another reason to be glad I live in Berkeley.