Half-day trip to Marin for woodsy hike + pancakes

Take a lazy hike in the woods and reward yourself for the (mild) exertion with a huge plate of pancakes. You’ve just discovered the secret recipe for the Marin’s West Point Inn. Now, truth be told, hiking with a toddler or preschooler (or even a bjorned-up baby) is far from lazy so everyone will likely earn their nap as well.

This is just the kind of Bay Area thing that all your East Coast friends imagine you doing every weekend. When I was a sporty, carefree San Franciscan with all that time to fill, I did it once or twice. The West Point Inn in Marin is hosting monthly hike-in Pancake “breakfasts” through October before taking a seasonal break until Easter.

flapjack photo by Made in Mississippi

WHERE TO PARK/HIKE: The shortest route (recommended for most preschoolers) would be to Park at the intersection of Pan Toll Road and Panoramic Highway, follow the paved to West Point Inn. Only the first portion of the trail is paved, the remainder is dirt road. For location and parking info, see westpointinn.com