Pixieland adventures in Concord

A 35-minute drive from our house in Berkeley, Pixieland Amusement Park was a super fun day for all three of my kids (age 2, 6, and 8) in a contained area small enough that it wasn’t a problem to parent alone. Think of it as a more modern (some say better, others say charmless), smaller version of Fairyland.

Admission is free but you pay per ride carnival-style. Tickets are $1.50 each. With that in mind, allow me to give you a tour…

Red Baron Airplane (2 tix): Exactly like at Oakland Zoo. Little one was scared; big ones were bored. Preschoolers love it though.

Pixieland airplanes

Dragon Roller coaster (3 tix): Perfect intensity for my 6 and 8 year olds.

Pixieland dragon coaster

Tea cups (2 tix): Great if you like the spinny rides. My 2-year old discovered mid-ride that he’s not a fan; My 8-year old sat out.

Pixieland tea cups

Frog hopper (2 tix): Both big kids loved it.

Pixieland frog hopper

Carousel (2 tix/kid or 1 ticket/adult): Kinda fast for a merry-go-round. We learned that if you yell, “I don’t want to do it,” the operator will stop the ride for you and let you move from a horsie to a bench, even if you’re two. Little kids require adults and adults require tickets. Even on the bench.

Pixieland carousel

Windy Grove Cars (1 each):  This was the toddler’s most favorite ride — he got to DRIVE a car!! — and, oddly enough, he rode for free. The big boys seemed to enjoy it, too.

Pixieland cars ride

Pixieland cars ride, a toddler fave

Pixieland Express Train (3 tix): Runs occasionally so check the schedule. It’s a train and, thus, a must-do.

Pixieland choo choo

Okay, that’s it. You’ve seen the entire park. There is a picnic area and a few coin-op games that we avoided.

Prices: Tickets are $1.50 each or you can purchase multi-packs and wristbands.

For myself and three kids, we spent $50. That felt like a splurge of an outing. Regular priced wristbands are $25, so we saved by not doing that. Pixieland offers many special deals on wristbands depending on the hour or day so look for that when planning your visit.

There is a large free parking lot.

2740 E Olivera Rd, Concord, CA 94519

Open hours vary so check the Pixieland calendar.

Bottom line: It was a superfun outing and next time we go, I’ll look for a deal on ride prices. The boys all loved it. Pixeland is also a small enough amusement park that when the big kids left their hats on the dragon coaster, I sent them back in alone to find them. I would never do that at Fairyland.