August 2012 - 510 Families

August 2012

How To: Dinner and a Movie

Ever since going on a date with my husband has carried an extra $15 per hour expense (that’s for the babysitter, for those of you ...

Reader tip: Transition back to school

Here’s a tip from Elizabeth Sautter, Director of Communication Works, that we use in my own house! This sign was created with my 7 year-old ...
storefront for 3 stone hearth

Dinner on the table: Fast food that’s super healthy

Or what the heck is a community supported kitchen? Three Stone Hearth is a worker-owned cooperative, offering nutrient dense foods to homes and families around ...

Dinner on the table: prepared meals from Berkeley Bowl

When the second Berkeley Bowl opened in West Berkeley, I started writing a post in my head featuring all the terrific prepared meals that someone ...

Tips for reselling children’s clothing

I’m a big fan of scoring deals at used clothing stores, especially for my kids. It doesn’t seem smart to spend a lot on things ...

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