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Dinner on the table: prepared meals from Berkeley Bowl

When the second Berkeley Bowl opened in West Berkeley, I started writing a post in my head featuring all the terrific prepared meals that someone could purchase for a new mom (or any busy person) with ease. Based on my experience with the groceries there, I expected good food for a good price. I hoped to feed my own family conveniently from the expansive selection of pre-made foods.

Unfortunately, nearly every prepared meal I have tried from the Bowl has been a huge disappointment.

I have tried and cannot recommend:

  • the falafel
  • the orzo
  • the chicken parmesan
  • the soup
  • the picnic packs (now discontinued, I believe)

The only food I continue to buy in the prepared space of the grocery store (across from the deli case, not the cafe) is the rotisserie chicken. It is reliably good and comes hot and ready to go with one of three different seasoning choices.

Where to go for delicious grocery-prepared meals? I have answers that I’ll share with you tomorrow!

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2 thoughts on “Dinner on the table: prepared meals from Berkeley Bowl”

  1. Sadly I have to agree. The only things I ever get there (and admittedly, haven’t lately, ’cause it wasn’t all that good) was the green salad and the sushi, which unfortunately they changed vendors for in the past year and the mix I like is no longer available.

  2. @Amalia, YES! I should have mentioned the sushi. My 7YO used to love it as a dinner, snack or lunchbox treat. Recently we were there and he was sad that his favorite combos were no longer there. He strapped on his courage and asked the people behind the deli counter and they gave a classic, “that’s not our area” kind of response. I bet they hear that all day long.

    Are we too picky? He wanted avocado rolls, cucumber rolls. Not very fancy. Rice on the inside please.

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