Alec Flett, Author at 510 Families

Alec Flett

Stafford Lake Bike Park in Marin: An Epic Playground for Bike Lovers

This 17-acre family-friendly mountain bike course offers all the exciting jumps, challenging tricks, and clever toys that mountain bikers of all ages will love.
5yo at the pump track in Pleasanton

Pleasanton BMX Park, dirt jumping with kids

I just took our two oldest boys to the Pleasanton BMX Park, and boy was it fun! I am an avid mountain biker and occasionally ...
Giant mech at Bay Area Maker Faire 2018 | Photo Alec Flett

Family-friendly highlights from Maker Faire 2018

Maker Faire this year seems to have even more hands on activities this year. Even though the general themes are the same every year, the ...
Biking the Bay Bridge with kids

Biking with East Bay kids on the Bay Bridge

My husband Alec took our big boys to ride bicycles on the Eastern span of the Bay Bridge. For a pretty flat course, the views ...
Fun math games for kids: Flea Circus

7 games that make math fun

As a birthday present to myself, I am sharing a guest post from my husband, Alec. Alec is both a math lover and a board ...

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