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Berkeley mom wins Oakland marathon 6 weeks postpartum

I wonder which was faster: Anna Bretan’s 2:57:33 finishing time for the Oakland marathon or the labor and delivery she endured six weeks earlier.

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Here at the finish line, she cradles her newborn daughter. This was Bretan’s second consecutive year winning the women’s category in the Oakland Running Festival.

The 26-year old runner is a third-time mom. Congratulations to her on both milestones!

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3 thoughts on “Berkeley mom wins Oakland marathon 6 weeks postpartum”

  1. As a mama and a runner (and a finisher of the Oakland marathon…I crossed the line about, oh, three hours after Bretan!), while I wouldn’t condone even attempting a long run 6 weeks after giving birth, I won’t condemn it either. Not only is everybody different, and every woman knows her own body better than anyone else, even her doctors, she is a professional athlete – this is what she does for a living. She is not like most of us. If you ran 5 miles the day before your kid was born, then sure, you might consider yourself in Bretan’s league. Otherwise, this is like comparing ourselves to 5’10” supermodels – you just shouldn’t do it. We should be cheering her on, not comparing ourselves to her (or any other mama or runner, for that matter) or judging her for what she’s accomplished, whether or not she’s nursing (aye aye aye with the breastfeeding obsession!), etc.

  2. that is so amazing! professional athlete or not, I’m in awe. that said, I’m impressed by everyone who finishes a marathon. And given that I was hardly able to walk once around the block one week after giving birth, also by every woman who starts exercising within a month of giving birth. I agree I shouldn’t compare myself to her, but then again, there is nothing wrong with being inspired by her, if only inspired to leave the house for a walk.

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