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Half-Day Trip to CuriOdyssey at Coyote Point

CuriOdyssey is a science playground and zoo best suited for the under-10 set. Located in San Mateo, the facility is designed to inspire and educate us about the Bay as well, with both interactive exhibits and epic views!

Thanks to CuriOdyssey for sponsoring this post.

Fog Exhibit for Kids at Curiodyssey
Learning about fog | Photo courtesy CuriOdyssey

For my family, the best half-day trip is one that allows me to squeeze in a learning experience, have fun myself, and get back home in time for that precious afternoon nap. A morning trip to CuriOdyssey at Coyote Point serves as this kind of go-to spot for my family.

With a scenic location, a terrific playground, and hands-on kid-friendly exhibits, we all have a great time.

Indoor science play at CuriOdyssey

The museum section is engaging and child-sized, pillared by thoughtfully designed exhibits that demonstrate scientific phenomena to young visitors. They rotate frequently and always include hands-on surprises.

toddler with light wall
These cool lights change color as you twist them, encouraging understanding of color relationships | Photo: Julie Herson

A new exhibition called ViewPoint anchors a brand-new building, the Bay Gallery, with a camera obscura, fog bowl, and vortices exhibit. It’s a great opportunity for hands-on learning.

Curiodyssey Indoor Exhibits
Indoor exhibits at CuriOdyssey | Photo courtesy CuriOdyssey

Animals at CuriOdyssey

Though CuriOdyssey cares for more than 70 animals, not all of them are on display for visitors in the center’s wildlife habitats, but just enough animals are out to captivate pint-sized visitors.

Pro tip: Daily animal feedings are a big draw, so make sure you’re in the right place at the right time for those!

Daily animal feedings at CuriOdyssey
Daily animal feedings vary | Photo courtesy CuriOdyssey

Since CuriOdyssey is nowhere near as big as an actual zoo, parents can feel comfortable letting kids run off a bit on their own.

Our children came face to face with a bobcat and loved it! The river otter feeding was also a big hit, and well organized; the staff lined up the children and ensured there was no overcrowding so everyone could get a view through the window. We watched the animals being fed while learning about their stories. Kids were also encouraged to ask questions, which made them feel special.

The brand-new Whooosh! playground

This physics-in-action playground is accessible to kids with all abilities. It’s the first of its kind to be built by a zoo and museum and was designed by Magical Bridge Foundation.

Whoosh playground at CuriOdyssey
Inclusive playground at CuriOdyssey | Photo: Parul Patel
Inclusive playground at CuriOdyssey | Photo: Parul Patel
Inclusive playground at CuriOdyssey | Photo: Parul Patel

The bottom line on CuriOdyssey

With hands-on exhibitions, access to wildlife, and areas for physical activity, CuriOdyssey is an accessible museum and zoo steeped in nature, with incredible vistas of the City and Bay.

Plan a visit to CuriOdyssey

CuriOdyssey is located at 1651 Coyote Point Dr, San Mateo, CA. Always bring a jacket because this waterfront location is chilly! Consider these special events:

First Friday Nights: Live music, a food truck, animals, and fun! On the first Friday of every month from 5-8 pm.

Fall into Science (Seasonal): A temporary installation that opens September 22, 2023.

IlluminOdyssey (November 10 – January 28): A family-friendly exhibition focusing on the beauty and characteristics of light.

Thanks to CuriOdyssey for allowing us to visit and sponsoring this post! 

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