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Date night: Oakland’s Art Murmur

We discovered Oakland Art Murmur, the perfect feel free again, but still be glad you’re older than most of the kids out there date spot!

My husband and I set off child-free to cruise the Art Murmuring streets of Oakland. This event happens each first Friday of the month. We’ve been twice now and would like to see that number grow.

art installation
Art installation

We start off at the food trucks to fill our bellies with whatever strikes our fancy and then we agree share our food, so we can get to taste as much yumminess as possible.

Delicious food trucks
Delicious food trucks

We strolled up the street past several musicians and found ourselves surrounded by a lot of older done up cars in the parking area of Giant Burger on Telegraph. It was fun to check out and even more interesting to people watch.

After the car cruising, we crossed Grand and things got even more wild.  Huge street fair, people everywhere without a care.  We realized that what we loved most about this event is that it is a true melting pot.  You couldn’t put a finger on the crowd because it was so incredibly diverse, yet everyone was seemingly accepting of everyone else.  It was a wonderful collection to be among!

Crowds too big for a stroller

At this point we decided we needed a beer and we popped into the Telegraph Beer Garden for pint.  It was terribly crowded, but literally everyone inside was super friendly and chill about sharing space and chatting you up.

We meandered over to the side streets where we wandered in and out of galleries with interesting pieces of art, but mostly, we loved the people watching and the street performances.

Hip hop dj in the streets
Hip hop dj in the streets

One of my favorites was a DJ set up right in the middle of the street playing hip hop music to what would have seemed like a group of club goers, but no, it was a group of people just having fun, feeling the beat together in the street.  Loved it.

The street vending and party was all shut off promptly at 10 and the crowd started to thin out.  We’d definitely like to go again.  If we brought the kids, we’d do it on the way earlier side and we would absolutely NOT bring a stroller, it’s too crowded for that.


[All photos from Rebecca via flickr, all rights reserved]

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