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Kid Report: Indian Rock and Gregoire

Our final Kid Reporter this summer is Elie, who will be in 6th grade in Berkeley. Elie will receive a $20 gift card to Mr. Mopps toy and bookstore for telling us about her favorite way to spend an afternoon in Berkeley, climbing Indian Rock with some favorite food to share from the nearby neighborhood.

This amazing and relaxing experience will be found in Berkeley. Phones or maps may be needed if you cannot find one of the locations for the trip.

One day, my mom told me that my sister, myself, and a family friend and her son were going on a trip around Berkeley. We drove from Solano Avenue to Gregoire, a French takeout place in the Gourmet Ghetto (open all day, every day – see their monthly menu).

The famous crispy potato puffs at Gregoire
The famous crispy potato puffs at Gregoire

I couldn’t help but take a nibble from my fresh sandwich as we walked to Live Oak Park, where we finished our delicious lunch. Then we walked along the streets to Indian Rock Park, where we climbed to the top of a large rock and looked on past the trees and houses to the view of San Francisco across the bay. It seemed like the sky was a watercolor painting of blues and whites. To finish the trip, we headed down Indian Rock Path, which goes from the park to the top of Solano Ave. There, we enjoyed a cooling snack of Gelato from iScream, an ice cream place with creative flavors (but my favorites are chocolate and vanilla). iScream is open daily from noon until after dinner.

Elie and sister climb Berkeley's Indian Rock
Elie and sister climb Berkeley’s Indian Rock

I would definitely recommend this trip; especially people who appreciate food, and don’t mind spending some money for it. If you’re not the biggest hiking fan, don’t worry! The path down to Solano is not tiring and is very enjoyable and shady, covered in a canopy of trees from nearby yards. Families with toddlers may not enjoy this trip. If you have picky eaters, they might not like Gregoire’s food. Lastly, pretty much everyone likes ice cream, so stopping at iScream shouldn’t be a problem.

Kid Reporter Elie shares a favorite day in Berkeley

Being prepared for day trips like this is important, though. If you decide to go on this trip, you need to bring money. If it’s a hot day, maybe a backpack with water in it, sunscreen, hats, and possibly even a camera to take pictures of the view from the rock, to save the memory of this trip forever.

A good time to start this trip would be at about noon. Even though the lunch time at Gregoire is from 11:00 to 4:30, sometimes the oven takes a bit to warm up at the start.

Kid reporters 2016 was sponsored by Mr. Mopps toys and books

Elie was our final kid reporter of the 2016 summer season. We have really loved learning about our community of children’s favorite places like Contra Loma Lagoon and a black light dinosaur park. Learn more about our Kid Reporter program here.

[Photo of the puffs from All other photos provided by Elie’s family and used with permission. All rights reserved.]

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