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Introducing The Re-Up Refill Shop: A Zero-Waste Store on College Ave

It’s amazing to think about the new habits we’ve normalized over the past twenty years to reduce waste coming through our homes. In the ’90s, I never would have believed I’d be bringing my own bags to the grocery store or packing lunches without plastic sandwich baggies, but here we are.

This post is sponsored by the Re-Up Refill Shop in Oakland.

Refill shop on College Ave in Rockridge
Re-Up Refills is located at 6025 College Avenue in Rockridge

Re-Up Refills, the only low-waste grocery store and refill shop in Oakland, provides bulk groceries in refillable containers. With a mission to create a better grocery system for you and your family where waste is minimized, products are responsibly sourced, and families are informed about environmental and social issues. Groceries… without all the waste.

Refill shop in Oakland

In 2023, the Re-Up Refill Shop diverted more than 135,788 single-use plastic containers. That’s 168 cubic yards of trash — enough to fill 84 commercial dumpsters!

What Parents Should Know About Shopping At Re-Up Refills

Switching over to refillables is easier than you think. Get inspired by reviewing their online catalog. Think about what you need to buy and what containers you’ll bring to store all of your household goods. You are encouraged to bring your own containers. Clear and amber glass containers are also available at the store, starting at $2.00. You’ll pay by weight when you check out. You only pay for what you put in the jar.

cooking oils section at re-up refills with a shopper
Refill all of your cooking supplies… from oils, to vinegars, to pantry staples, to dried fruit, to peanut butter, to yeast, and much more.

Involving your family

Re-Up is not just a place to bulk up on your essential household goods; it’s a place to teach your family how to consume responsibly and lead by example. “We have reduced my family’s single-use plastic waste by 50% + with this one-stop shop,” posted Deepa Lounsbury on Google Reviews. Exposing kids to this new way of shopping will introduce them to a different and more responsible way of consumption. Kids of all ages love to help do the refilling process as it is interactive, hands-on, and most importantly… fun!

Print a Re-Up grocery list (also embedded below) or store it on your phone. This list is helpful to cross reference as you run out of groceries at home and to plan your containers to bring into refill. Re-Up pairs perfectly with a farmer’s market run.

“I wish there was a Re-Up store everywhere!” wrote Katie Rose DiGiovanni on Google’s review page. “I love refilling my cleaning products here. It’s really helping me to get away from plastic packaging. They also carry beauty products and bulk grocery items. Browsing the store shows me what is possible! I plan to incorporate more of these products into my daily life. I also like the vibe of the store.”

Special Offer

All {510} Families will get 15% OFF their first purchase with code “510” and hopefully they will get hooked!

The shop also offers a loyalty punch card. Every purchase (no matter the dollar amount) earns you a punch. After five punches, you get a free bar of soap; after ten punches, you get 20% off your entire purchase.

Thanks to the ReUp Refill shop for sponsoring {510} Families today. Follow them on Instagram or Facebook to learn about new offerings.
Photos by Ashley Barry.

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