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Golden Gate Knights jedi training

If you have any huge Star Wars nerds in your house, you’ll want to consider an afternoon of jedi training for you and your padawan. I had the extremely geeky pleasure of going to the Golden Gate Knights in San Francisco for a afternoon date with my husband. We had a great time trying out the various fencing moves and flourishes while working with functioning lightsabers.

Golden Gate Knights Star Wars lightsaber training: fun date

Class activities include stretching and warm-up; fancy lightsaber tricks and spins; combat choreography sequences; and a closing meditation. My biggest tips are to wear comfy clothes and leave your irony at the door. Some people will be in costume, yoga pants are just fine.

Golden Gate Knights Star Wars lightsaber training: kids tooJedi training is a fun outing for your Star Wars obsessed big kid and YOU. Expect to be very active, silly, and possibly sweaty. I enjoyed the afternoon for what it was: part yoga, part theatrical swordplay, and part battle-dance class.
Golden Gate Knights Star Wars lightsaber training


  • When: Sundays from noon to 3:00 pm
  • Where: Currently, Golden Gate Knights only holds classes in San Francisco. Levy Dance is located at 19 Heron Street
  • How much: $10 per class per person
  • Age: Recommended for ages ten and up. Those under 13 must participate with a parent or guardian.

Reservations strongly recommended. RSVP online and check for other events like Star Wars demonstrations and parties on their Facebook group.
Golden Gate Knights Star Wars lightsaber training: little Leia


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Like I said, I tried this outing as a date with my husband. Our class was predominantly young adults with one or two children in the mix. I’d love to know how it goes if you try it with your child!

[Photos by: Heather Flett (1) and Taf Reyes and Eugene Dumlao (2, 3, 4)]

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