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Paint Baby Keepsakes at Brushstrokes

When I brought my five-week-old into Brushstrokes for the first time, I thought he was “too old” and that I’d missed some important window for newborn feet. I’ve learned a lot since then. Among my many lessons is that baby feet are tiny and precious for quite a while and the folks who work at Brushstrokes know a thing or two about smooshing baby imprints onto keepsakes.

Brushstrokes Studio Berkeley
Baby keepsakes at Brushstrokes | Photo Nissa Brehmer
Brushstrokes Studio Berkeley
Brushstrokes | Photo Nissa Brehmer
Brushstrokes Studio Berkeley
Studio owner, Jessica, helps a mama get baby footprints on a mug at Brushstrokes | Photo Nissa Brehmer

When you visit, you paint unglazed ceramic pieces ranging from mugs, frames, and plates to piggy banks and pasta bowls. Meet your fellow parent friends there for a fun, chaotic morning of painting toes on mugs. Or bring your toddler in to smear up a beautiful plate (for which you had other ideas altogether).

Expect to pay the drop-in studio fee ($17) plus the cost of any item you choose. Pieces can be picked up in two weeks.

Hand and footprints can also be pressed into clay.

Visit Brushstrokes Studio to make baby keepsakes

Appointments are available for baby imprints and no appointment is needed to stamp little tootsies for painted footprints.

Brushstrokes Studio is located at 745 Page St, Berkeley, 94710 | 510.528.1360
Website for more info >>

[All photos by Nissa Brehmer Photography]

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1 thought on “Paint Baby Keepsakes at Brushstrokes”

  1.  I did this with my baby also. We made frames for the grandparents and tiles for our house.They do grow quickly, but not SO quickly that 5 weeks old is too old 🙂

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