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Tech Tuesday: Common Sense Media for Bay Area parents

TV tips and media guidelines for familiesOur family’s screen time rules are fluid with a side order of strict. My sons are allowed about 30 minutes to watch shows each evening while I prepare dinner; they alternate nights for whose day it is to choose. Because Sawyer is so much younger than the others, he often skips the shared program for some Hulu+ iPad time (Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is the favorite right now). That’s our weekday rule, but there are a few other occasions in which screens sneak into our lives: kindle paperwhite unlimited reading allowed (with 25 minutes per day required), 45 minutes per weekend day of video games, plus random family movies!

Each time we are confronted with a new request for watching a show that’s outside our regular repertoire, my husband and I rely on the website CommonSense Media to determine if the answer is Yes or No. I want to share my five reasons to love Common Sense Media for Bay Area families:

  1. GAMES. Before you buy the hottest video games and apps for your kids this birthday or holiday season, spend the time to learn about them. Read their best-of lists like Apps that promote 21st century skills or Games with strong female lead characters.
  2. MOVIES. When family movie night rolls around, I hope you already know and use for looking up flicks before your children see them. The three minutes you use online will save you hours of watching inappropriate films with your kids. {related: I heart common sensemedia}
  3. DIGITAL LITERACY. A FREE educational curriculum is available to parents through videos and printable materials are designed to empower students to think critically, behave safely, and participate responsibly in our digital world. Other parent hot topics include cyberbullying and managing screen time. {If you’re really lucky, they might even visit your school}
  4. BOOKS. Wondering if Diary of a Wimpy Kid is a good choice or a bad one for your child? The same database of awesome insight is available for books, too! Browse for recommendations by age or search for titles. {related: Tips to turn your kid into a reader}
  5. TV. Just like with movies, games, apps, books, you can save hours of your own time and find the perfect television programs for when you finally let your toddler watch PBSkids. And here are 10 ways to stream family-friendly TV programming.

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Disclosure: I am a LearnON Blog Ambassador, all opinions are my own but that photo is not my actual family.

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