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Tube Tahoe: Winter Fun in South Lake Tahoe

Tube Tahoe is a destination for snow tubing in South Lake Tahoe. It’s open daily beginning in December until the snow melts away. The tubing hill operates on a first-come, first-served basis. Arrive early to ensure a fun-filled day for your family.

All About Tube Tahoe

Mother and son on snow tubes at tubetahoe
Family snow time is a blast on the tubing hill | Photo: Tube Tahoe

Located about 170 miles from the Oakland area, Tube Tahoe is just off US-50 and south of bustling South Lake Tahoe. The hill is situated on land that doubles as a golf course during the summer months, so there’s lots of open space and picturesque views of Echo Summit and Mt. Tallac. On-site snow-making equipment keeps the hill covered all season long.

Guests pay for 90 minutes of unlimited rides down the groomed, 500-ft-long lanes. Ride solo, in a chain, or any combination in between. Choose from one of several lanes, each with an attendant at the top of the hill who ensures an organized and safe experience. Tubers will travel down rolling hills and cross over rubber mats at the base to gradually bring the ride to an end. All tubes are provided; outside sleds and tubes are not allowed. Visitors must climb up the hill with their tubes.

Snow tubing hill in South Lake Tahoe
Pick a lane and enjoy the ride! | Photo: Tube Tahoe

Tube Tahoe is a destination for families

  • People ages three and older can experience the thrill of tubing down the hill on a large lane.
  • Children ages 3 to 5 must ride with an adult down these lanes.
  • There is also a separate smaller Children’s Tubing Hill for little tubers (under 3) to enjoy.

Refuel with snacks and drinks from the store at the base of the hill. There’s a selection of sweet and salty options like hot chocolate, soft pretzels, chips, and nachos. Catch some rays or watch your kids race down lanes as a designated spectator from the outdoor seating area. Indoor restrooms are on site, plus a store for purchasing any cold weather gear you may have forgotten at home (looking at you, mittens).

Parking onsite is free but limited. Look for Tube Tahoe signage in the shared parking lot with Holiday Market on US-50. Parking on the side of the highway is not recommended.

Woman on snow tube in Lake Tahoe area
Laughs all the way downhill | Photo: Tube Tahoe

Our Family’s Experience at Tube Tahoe

Our family visited first thing on a Saturday morning. We didn’t have any trouble finding parking, but the lot steadily filled up as the day continued and the weather warmed up. We got started in the shop at the base of the hill for getting tickets and signing waivers (Pro tip: do this in advance via their website to save time). Then, we headed outside and picked out a tube. There are several color options which was a helpful way to spot someone in our group going down the hill.

My kids are young enough that we were able to spend time at both the large hill and the children’s mini hill. The mini hill was wide and didn’t have dedicated lanes. Giant inflatable bowling pins were set up on one side so kids could try to knock them down when traveling down the hill, which was super fun and adorable. Parents take the lead in this area as there wasn’t much staff oversight. All the kids on the mini hill were having fun. It felt safe and well-organized. Little ones will experience the thrill of speed without making their parents nervous. We spent the bulk of our time on the children’s mini hill and I would return just for that feature alone.

Child pulls tube up hill in snow
Children’s mini hill is the perfect size and speed for littles | Photo: Maureen Burke

Our family took a handful of runs down the large hill. The climb to the top was surprisingly easy, even when pulling multiple tubes and children in said tubes. The staff was friendly and helped keep visitors safe by controlling traffic. The day we visited was about 20 degrees, so the snow was fast. Those who love speed will really enjoy the chutes. I had fun, but also realized I don’t have the need for speed at this point in my life. We rode as single tubes, and then as a group. If you do make a group chain, listen to the staff’s direction and hold on tight to a neighboring tube!

Our family’s lessons learned at Tube Tahoe

  • Helmet? Although it’s not required, consider wearing a helmet. The tubes move fast down the chutes. Bring one from home or look into renting one at the shop.
  • Pay attention to staff. Listen to the direction given by staff at the top and bottom of the hill. They are there to maintain order and ensure a safe experience for everyone. Don’t brush off their guidance.
  • Mind your lane. There is a single exit route after coming down the large hill. Choose an outermost lane so your exit wouldn’t involve crossing the path of other lanes.
  • Body bowling? Bowling on the giant inflatable pins at the base of the mini hill is a must-do activity!
  • The restrooms inside the shop are a really nice perk, especially on days below freezing.
  • Cocoa? Yes! Get the hot chocolate after your session ends. It was a really tasty treat!
  • Afternoon deals. If the prices are too steep for your budget, arrive after 3 pm for discounted pricing.
Children on snow tubes in mountains
Core family memories made on the tubing hill | Photo: Maureen Burke

Plan Your Visit to Tube Tahoe

Location: 3021 US-50, South Lake Tahoe, CA

Hours: Open Monday through Friday 10 am to 4 pm, Saturday & Sunday 9 am to 4 pm. Hours are subject to change and may vary on holidays. Check social media for closures related to weather.

Price: All prices are for a 90-minute session including a tube. Adults (age 13 & older) $65, Children (age 6-12) $55, Mini Tubers (age 3-5 riding with paying adult) $35, Snowplay (all ages) $15.

Distance from Oakland: 176 miles


Phone: 530.600.2304

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