Chinook Book: Is it worth it?

Chinook Book Bay Area

Promising to save you up to $3,000 with local coupons is one thing, but does it deliver?

Reader tip: Got lead?


The Alameda County Healthy Homes Department (formerly Alameda County Lead Poisoning Prevention Program) is offering up to $4,000 in grants for lead hazard and other safety repairs for pre-1978 owner-occupied and rental properties in the cities of Alameda, Berkeley, Emeryville, and Oakland with low-income families with a pregnant woman and/or children under 6 living or […]

Kids giving back: Project Night Night

Project Night Night- Kids helping kids providing comforts to homeless children in shelters

Have you heard about Project Night Night? If you’re looking for a way to give back to others with your children this holiday season, this might be what you’re looking for. Project Night Night gives nighttime comforts to homeless children right here in the East Bay. What is Project Night Night? A charity that donates over 25,000 […]

East Bay Home Services & Delivery Guide

MUNCHERY meal delivery service

Some listings in this guide are sponsored as noted. If you’re a super busy parent, you will be psyched to learn about these creative and helpful home services. These businesses will bring everything from diapers to dessert right to your front door or work on your car while your child naps. Click on a category […]

Debunking common myths about lice (sponsored)

NitPixies lice removal salon in Montclair

Sorry to make you itchy. We are grateful to present a series of helpful posts sponsored by NitPixies, Bay Area’s full-service lice removal salon, about what to do about the little buggers. Today’s post demystifies some common misunderstandings.  Imagine a blustery autumn evening, the moon is peeking through the clouds and the night is full of […]

How to prevent lice, a guest post by NitPixies

NitPixies lice removal salon

Just the thought of our children — or us — getting headlice makes us itchy. We are so grateful to present a series of helpful posts sponsored by NitPixies, Bay Area’s full-service lice removal salon, about what to do about the little buggers. Summer camps and long days at the pool will soon be long […]

Dinner on the table: Instacart grocery delivery


When Instacart, food shopping and delivery service, arrived in the East Bay, I had already heard many positive reviews from my City friends. Once I tried ordering groceries from their app myself, I was hooked. Save $10 when you try Instacart. Right now, orders over $75 include free delivery, but they seem to be always messing […]

Have you heard about Stroller Spa?

Refurbished by Stroller Spa East Bay

Stephani is the local operator of Stroller Spa in the East Bay, where she and her husband, Rob, wash and refurbish well-worn well-loved and downright abused strollers and car seats until they are clean, safe, and baby-ready. They have two children and love playing outside together. We met Stephani at The Biggest Baby Shower and […]

Reader tip: Berkeley is having an earthquake drill


On April 27, 2013 get ready for a simulated 6.9 earthquake on the Hayward Fault to hit Berkeley.  Are you prepared? Reminding me of the Parks + Recreation disaster drill on television, the Berkeley CERT Citywide Exercise provides participants an opportunity to practice disaster response in their own neighborhoods. All individuals or community groups are […]

MOMables inspire lunchbox innovation

MOMables lunch planning service

We live in Berkeley and I am firmly in support of their healthy school lunch program. As such, I kinda force my kids to buy, rather than pack, a lunch. So, for better or worse, when summer camps roll around, it’s back-to-lunchbox time for me and my family. But, I’m never really off the hook. […]

EarthBaby: Bay Area compostable diaper delivery service

Save on EarthBaby diapers

About a year ago, I reported that my baby was a proud user of compostable diapers. We have now been satisfied customers of EarthBaby diaper service for 17 months now so I’m going to answer a few questions that I hear all the time. {More about the special offer at the bottom} What do you […]

New kid on the block: Stitch Sewing Lab


Stitch is everything you love about sewing with nothing that you don’t. I’m speaking to you as a wannabe crafter without much patience for figuring stuff out, cutting in a straight line, or follow-through. Be prepared, I’m going to gush about this adorable sewing room gone wild. It’s what my husband would call “a hacker […]

Making your home safer and greener


This guest post is sponsored by Advanced Home Energy. It was written by East Bay mom, Julie Tucker, about solving some of her sons’ health problems by improving the air quality at home. We originally contacted AHE for an energy audit on our last home. Shortly after we did the audit, we found we were […]

giggle gives back for Earth Day


In celebration of Earth Day, the giggle retail stores are offering a way to recycle gently used baby gear and clothes to benefit those in need. Called, the Great giggle Giveback, proceeds benefit Baby Buggy, a non-profit founded by Jessica Seinfeld to provide essentials to U.S. families with children aged 0 to 12 years old. Baby […]

Reader tip: native garden tour for families

from Wen Hui Shen’s garden in Oakland

Bringing Back the Natives Garden Tour is a A free tour of showcase native plant gardens in the East Bay. If you’re considering a big landscaping project or if you want a miniature outdoor experience for your littles, you won’t want to miss it. The theme is native (to the Bay Area) plants. A variety […]

New in town: TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit is like Craig’s List for odd jobs.

Bee swarm removal in Berkeley and Oakland

If you have bees living in your house, I have advice for you.