It’s that time of year: Cherry picking in the East Bay

Last year, one of the most popular search terms that brought people to was “berry picking”, so I thought you all would be pretty interested that it’s that time of year!

A farm owner in Brentwood, CA is spreading the word that Memorial Day weekend kicks off the cherry picking season and they’d love to see families with kids (and pets) at the farm. From the owners of Salvador Family Farm:

Hours are 8am – 5 pm Saturday – Monday. The farm is dog friendly, so feel free to bring your furry pets. Feel free to also bring a picnic lunch to have in the orchard.

For the kiddos:

The farm consists of the following: 40 chickens and 10 baby chicks, 2 alpacas, 1 miniature burro, 3 horses, 2 babydoll sheep, 1 baby ram and several dogs and cats. All animals will be out for viewing.
The farm is located at 815 Hoffman Lane in Brentwood (off Highway 4 Bypass) and we are “Farm #4” on the Harvest Time maps that are found via This website also shows all the other farms that are open for U-Pick that weekend.

Note: The site is very challenging to navigate. I see they have released an app this year. Perhaps the app is more user-friendly.

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  1. Jen Gall says

    Thanks for reminding me of this! Do you know of any organic cherry orchards? Last year we went cherry picking but felt kind of sick from the chemicals by the end of the day.

  2. Jennifer Hees says

    We went to Pease Ranch in Brentwood for cherry picking last week…LOVED it! Someone had told me they are a no-spray farm, but I actually didn’t confirm that when we were there and didn’t see any info about it. The family was really nice and some animals to see there too, a turtle named Speedy and cage full of cocktails, nice picnic areas or you can eat under the trees. Great place for taking pics of the kids. We’ll be back!

  3. Cara says

    Make sure you call before you go! We love Pease Ranch and called this week and found out their season ended on Friday, so we made a spur of the moment trip on Wednesday. Many farms I called were nearing the end of the season already – weather apparently made for an early and light season.