A guide to cherry picking in Brentwood

A Guide to Cherry Picking in Brentwood for 2024

Special thanks to G&S Farms in Brentwood for sponsoring our guide to cherry-picking in the Bay Area. They are currently open for picking in multiple orchards. Read on to learn where to go, what to bring, and other important information about Brentwood’s cherry farms. Sign their safety waiver from home to skip the line!

three young boys eating cherries from a basket
Sampling while picking cherries | Photo: G&S Farms

Timing is everything when it comes to cherry-picking, so we are grateful for the partnership of G & S Farms this year, to help us stay on top of the short season.

G&S Farms is a third-generation family farm specializing in corn and cherries in the Brentwood farming region.  Every May, they welcome local Bay Area families into their orchards for fresh cherry u-picking.  The perfect combination of sweet, fresh cherries and a beautiful sunny day in the country is something G&S truly loves sharing and hopes you will too!

Step 1: Follow at least one of the farms on Facebook or Instagram for timely updates, social media promotions, and price breaks for followers.

We’ve compiled a few tips for the most frequently asked questions about cherry-picking in Brentwood.

Photo: Julia Gidwani

When can we pick cherries in California?

Brentwood Cherry Season typically opens in early May and extends through mid-June. Each season will bring slight deviations based on the weather and crop size. The farms cannot announce their plans for opening until very close to the opening day. It is a delicate matter: cherries ripen depending on how much sun they get.

Cherry picking starts May 5, 2024.

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In 2024, cherry-picking will be hosted at different G&S Farms locations, each with different varieties. Check the website or social media to confirm before you hit the road.

Orchards typically open between 8 am and 9 am and usually close between 3 pm and 5 pm, or until ripe fruit is picked over. For most families, especially those with young children, it’s ideal to go early to avoid crowds and the afternoon heat.

Many farms are closed on the weekdays, saving the ripe fruit for weekend visitors.  As of May 11, G&S will be open at Dixon Ranch, Home Orchard, and Gonzalves orchard locations this weekend! You can walk in without reservations.

How do I get to the cherry-picking farms?

Brentwood is located about an hour east of Berkeley. Most of you will travel Highway 24 to Highway 680 to Highway 4, while those further South may travel Highway 580 to Vasco Road. Both routes will intersect at Marsh Creek Road in Brentwood. This is one of the main arteries through the growing region. Traveling East on Marsh Creek Road will bring you to Walnut Blvd. If you head Northbound, you’ll enter the heart of Brentwood’s U-Pick orchards.

cherry picking in the Bay Area

Which U-pick farms are open?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions on our Facebook page. It is very difficult to share this information as the farms decide on their open/closed status based on the fickle nature of fruit availability and make their decisions just days in advance.

We suggest clicking through to the Facebook pages of each of these farms right before you head out. Sometimes they intend to open and then declare themselves “picked out” by noon! They seem to update on Facebook.

There are 23 U-Pick orchards throughout Brentwood. If you’re looking for a specific orchard, visit Harvest Time and add a filter for cherries. Download their Harvest Time Farm Trails map and mobile app (available for iOS and Android devices).

Throughout May, we will update this list with any known openings and closings. Most of the farms are clustered around Sellers Ave in Brentwood.

Many of the U-pick farms require a waiver. Check online.

What to bring on your cherry-picking adventure:

Cash, just in case. Not only for cherries but enough for the other delicious fruits you’ll stumble across – apricots, peaches, etc. The farms used to be cash-only until the pandemic encouraged contactless payment. Be prepared with cash in case you find yourself at a fruit stand that is cash-only.

Buckets or baskets. The orchard may offer you a bag, but you might want to give your child a small container they can hold in one hand.

Hat. The Bay Area’s summer marine layer doesn’t push into Brentwood, so you can expect intensely sunny weather the majority of the time. Sunscreen is also a good idea.

Ice Chest. If you plan to extend your stay in Brentwood or the surrounding area, it’s a good idea to place your fruit in a chilled environment. On an average 85-degree day, car temperatures can exceed 130 degrees after an hour. If not bringing an ice chest, bring a box, large tote, or another container to bring your fruit home in. Note that for safety, you may have to leave your ice chest in the car.

Closed-toe shoes. Leave the sandals at home and bring a pair of old sneakers. This is especially important for small children. They’ll be walking in dirt with potential hidden dangers (rocks, pits, etc).

Water. While Brentwood is filled with shopping and restaurant options, there are limited opportunities to find water in the immediate growing region. Afternoon temperatures can often exceed 95 degrees in late May and you’ll want your family hydrated and refreshed to enjoy the experience of picking fruit together.

Wagon. Many families tell us that a wagon is a must-have. You can put your cherries in it to carry them from the orchard to the car, but more importantly, toddlers get tired of walking!

How do I tell which cherries are ripe?

For the majority of cherries in Brentwood, you’ll be looking for a deep red color. Rainier cherries, a popular late variety usually available around Memorial Day Weekend, will be yellow with blush tones. For any cherry, you’ll want to pick them when they’re firm but just tender enough to easily bite. Cherries will not continue to ripen once picked, so be careful not to fill your bucket with unripe fruit. If you’re not sure, you are always welcome to sample a cherry or two.

Keep stems on cherries. Once a stem is removed, the shelf life of a cherry will drastically diminish. By keeping your cherries cool with the stem attached, you can expect your cherries to remain at their peak freshness for 3-5 days.

Are any of these farms organic?

Readers have recommended the following spots for organic cherries. Please check the hours and dates on their websites!

Dwelley Organic U-pick Cherries (One location opening on May 11)
Brentwood Rare Fruit Farm (Organic*)
The Urban Edge Farm (Organic)
Gursky Ranch Country Store
Farmer’s Daughter Produce
Moggi Ranch

What else can we do in Brentwood?

Blue Goose Park offers fun playground equipment and many sprinkler/splash pad features. Take a towel!
Brentwood City Park also has some sprinklers, according to the website.

Critical, must-read, essential tip for cherry pickers:

Check the Facebook or Instagram pages of the orchards. Although growers strive to update their websites, availability is always subject to change.

If you have a favorite farm, please be sure to research before loading everyone into the car.

Watch for traffic. Thousands of families will visit Brentwood this spring to pick cherries. This means a lot of traffic on mainly one-lane country roads. Always keep an eye out for drivers who may be in a rush.

G and S family farms in Brentwood for cherry picking

Thanks to G&S Farms for sponsoring our annual Cherry Picking guide!

Their hours are at least 9 am – 4 pm – Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (and Memorial Day). Check each spot for weekday options. Open this weekend:

Cherry Picking in the East Bay

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3 thoughts on “A Guide to Cherry Picking in Brentwood for 2024”

  1. Any recommendations for things to do in the surrounding area of Brentwood after a morning of cherry picking

  2. It was really hot when we went, so after picking cherries we went to Blue Goose Park which has good playground equipment and many sprinkler/splash pad features. Take a towel!
    Brentwood City Park also has some sprinklers, according to the website.

  3. Thanks for the cherry picking guide! There’s another orchard that I just picked at that I feel is worth mentioning. The Cherry Pit! Not as crowded and still plenty of the super delicious coral cherries!

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