Codornices Park in the Berkeley Hills

There are so many features to explore at Codornices Park in Berkeley that my experience of it has changed completely as my kids have grown older. We find new parts to enjoy with every visit. Overall, it’s a beautiful setting, perfect for picnic dinners and birthday barbecues.

There is an enclosed toddler playground with baby swings, a slide, a sandbox (BYO toys) and a train to drive. As a toddler, my son was obsessed with steering wheels, so the train is a big attraction.

For bigger kids, there are more challenging play structures, including a zipline.

Located on Euclid Street, across from the Berkeley Rose Garden, there is plenty of parking within a block of the park. The grassy area is set way down from the street, so ambling down toward the playground is the first exciting adventure for little kids.

The concrete slides are fun for daring kids and adults. Cardboard panels are usually found laying around the foot of the slide.

A huge grassy area offers enough shady patches for picnics and sufficient space for running around like a maniac, or playing catch for those who have developed that skill.

A picnic bench set up is set next to the creek and offers the perfect outdoor birthday party setting.

Hiking up around the backside of the playground reveals even more secluded and shady spots for grilling and get-togethers.

A tunnel, which is thrilling for yodeling and running in, connects the park to the Rose Garden, which has even more levels to explore and water features to examine.

photo of tunnel and slide: East Bay Baby

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