Rookie Moms Challenge #4: Visit the fabric store

Easy fabric projects for moms

Our fourth rookie mom challenge gets you out of the house to meander the aisles of a fabric store. Can you tackle a great crafty project with a piece of fabric and some thread?

We have instructions to make some very easy projects:

Easy DIY moby wrap, instructions on

[made it myself! just a little help from my mom]

In Berkeley, we frequent Stone Mountain and Daughters. The discount fabric shop on Ashby and San Pablo is also a great choice. In El Cerrito, there is JoAnn Fabrics tucked into the plaza near Trader Joe’s.

Where do you like to go to get your fabric and crafty supplies?

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  1. whitney says

    After being a customer of Stonemountain & Daughter for more than ten years, and a parent for 6, I just learned that they have a small play area to occupy children while you shop. Not for toddlers who wander around, but great for 4 and up who will stay there.

  2. Becky says

    I’ve been going to A Verb for Keeping Warm on San Pablo in between Actual Cafe and that cupcake shop, ever since I took a sewing class there. They are smaller, but soooo nice and helpful.