EBT Benefits for Alameda and Contra Costa County Families - 510 Families
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EBT Benefits for Alameda and Contra Costa County Families

Families with an EBT card to use funds from CalFresh or other food or aid benefits may be surprised to learn that they can use their EBT card to access more affordable family entertainment. The Museums for All initiative invites SNAP or EBT cardholders to explore this list of destinations at a significant discount.

Ruth Bancroft Garden
Ruth Bancroft Garden is a participating destination | Photo: Maureen Burke

Bay Area Attractions with Discounts for Low-Income Families

These venues offer free or reduced admission to EBT cardholders or Medi-Cal recipients. These rates do not include special exhibitions which may cost more. The cardholder must be present and show matching ID to the name on the EBT card.

Chabot Space & Science Center (Oakland)

Exhibition galleries and a planetarium make this an exciting destination for space lovers.
Admission with EBT card and photo ID: $1 per person, up to four people
Details >

Lawrence Hall of Science (Berkeley)

Massive science-themed museum with interactive exhibits in indoor and outdoor spaces.
Admission with EBT card and photo ID: Free for up to five people
Details >

Lindsay Wildlife Experience (Walnut Creek)

Interactive exhibits teach visitors about animals, with a combination of live animals and preserved animals.
Admission with EBT card and picture ID: $3 per person for up to 4 people
Details >

MOCHA (Oakland)

Open to the public only one studio day per month, MOCHA offers art-making with instruction for young children. Reserve a spot in advance.
Admission with EBT card: $1 per member of the family
Details >

Oakland Museum of California (Oakland)

A variety of art and cultural exhibits, including a hands-on nature-inspired play area for young children.
Admission with EBT card: $1 per person
Details >

Ruth Bancroft Garden & Nursery (Walnut Creek)

Expansive display of plants and garden paths to wander with periodic special event programming for families
Admission with EBT card: Free
Details >

UC Berkeley Botanical Garden (Berkeley)

Paths through a large garden and redwood grove with picnic areas. Reservations must be made in advance.
Admission with EBT card and picture ID: $3 per person for up to 4 people
Details >

San Francisco Attractions with Special Rates for EBT Cardholders

  • Exploratorium (Free)
  • Contemporary Jewish Museum (Free)
  • Museum of the African Diaspora (Free)
  • Cal Academy of Sciences ($3)
  • Children’s Creativity Museum (Free)
  • Conservatory of Flowers (Free)
  • SF Zoo & Gardens ($3)

Plus The Bay Area Discovery Museum in Sausalito honors a $1 per family member admission with an EBT card and Curioddysey in San Mateo invites families in for $1 per family member (up to four per day).

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219 thoughts on “EBT Benefits for Alameda and Contra Costa County Families”

  1. Schools will be closed again with distance learning in most California counties for the 2020-2021 school year. Will families get another p-ebt payment ?

      1. I’ve seen nothing this far. Seems our governor Gavin newsom spent 500 (million or billion can’t remember) on masks from CHINA (boosting their economy ) and even before we were all wearing masks. . Probably has something to do with the requirement in California. The reason I mention this is because he spent all of California’s money for coronavirus response from the cares act and now he can’t comply with the unemployment executive order signed by president trump because he spent the money long long ago. So I’m wondering how the state can afford additional P EBT for our Childeren.
        Maybe (hopefully) the P EBT is federally funded.

        1. Gosh that man is something. How is it even legal that he can do that??? It’s so wrong . We could of have help on the 30th FNS approved more benefits but we didn’t get them .

      1. Thank you tammy..i dont qualified for food stamps but this pandemic card helped me a lot buying snacks and fruits for my kids ..thank you for the info

      2. Hi. Does anyone know if this would include new students for the year?
        I recieved it first round for my daughter, I now have a kindergartner as well. Does that mean 2nd round would include him as well?

      3. They said it could take several months before each state come up with a plan for the next round of P-EBT payments. This really doesn’t help those who needs the extra benefits right now, but everything is politics…

        1. Its paid out per day. The first round was for Mar-June and the second round only covers Aug and September. So the amount will be less.

          1. I just got my child’s early Dec do any of you know if this going to be monthly benefits or just a one time help? Thank you in advance

          2. Is anyone still waiting for there pebt extension card. I got the first one but still waiting for the second. I know they said by end of Dec. Still waiting.

      4. How about my child we missed the application deadline in June , how can I apply for my 2nd grade son? What contact # do I call? Thank u .

        1. I’m still waiting on 2nd p ebt extension card… and it’s already late December has anybody received there’s in California

          1. I got my kids cards tried to activate them they said they were cancelled so I call them they say my cards were cancelled and they had already sent some new ones out Thats been hmm about 2 weeks ago still no cards nothing

  2. I’d like to know the same thing we still have to feed these kids the schoolsaren’t offering bag lunches like they did in the summer plus the weather’s going to be changing hopefully they do another round of it it would help out a lot to a lot of people hopefully they will post something soon letting us know what’s going on

  3. I would like to know to. My husband is still waiting on unemployment from back in April so I really hope they do that would help alot

  4. I hope they do because kids are online schooling and it’s hard at times to go out and get school lunches. Sometimes its not enough when u have teens.

      1. Will it be the amount or less? Because I received the second one today but it was way less then what I got the first time. So I’m a little confused if it’s a mistake.

          1. How much are they giving and do you live in the high desert I haven’t got mine so far no one in the high desert havent

    1. Today is September 30 2020 and I wanted to know if we are getting a second payment on the card because in my county all kids are distance Learning, and I seen they approve another round of p-ebt

    1. P-EBT 2.0
      Recently, states have been granted authority, pending federal approval, to provide eligible children P-EBT food benefits for the entire 2020-21 school year. To provide P-EBT benefits for the 2020-21 school year, states must develop and submit a new P-EBT plan for federal approval. The CDSS and CDE are awaiting federal guidance and will be working collaboratively to develop and submit an approvable plan as soon as possible. More information will be shared here as soon as it’s available.

  5. California has been approved to do p ebt again but only for August- September 30 2020… They have til September 30 to load all p ebt cards.

    1. Ashley Diane Sanchez

      Where did you find that info at? I’ve been doing my research and can’t find anything stating that we will be getting more P Ebt for Aug & Sept.

      1. Hi you can find the info on the website at fns.usda.gov click on california then scroll down to pandemic ebt amendment 2 there is a letter that states everything, but it’s the first and I also haven’t received anything on my card. Supposedly benefits were to be added yesterday. Good luck!

        1. I actually found the information because I watch C-SPAN 1 , 2 , 3 everyday On the channel I can watch what the House of representatives vote and what the Senate votes and then national television any news channel will tell you when Donald Trump signed it into law. I think you can also download an app called fresh EBT and put in your pandemic card info and it will also give you more information there. On 22 Of September the house of representatives passed A government shut down bill which included pandemic EBT funding on 29 September the Senate passed that same bill And on 30 September Donald Trump signed it into law. If you are in the state of California you must wait for Gavin Newsom to determine how he will distribute the money. Now we are playing the waiting game waiting on Gavin Newsom.

    2. The September 30th deadline was for the first round, the ones who submitted their application late. The second round was approved, but no release date as of yet.

      1. I read that new cards will be mailed late October 2020. What they consider late October I don’t know it’s the 20th already and nothing in my mailbox.

        1. On the new post on the fresh Ebt app it says cards will be mailed out late October to late December. I really hope they hurry up the food stamps added to new cards are for August and September. We are now in October. If we don’t get new cards til December I’m wondering if they will be adding me for October November and December. My county is still distance learning only.

        2. Called the number on the card they said 4 out of 5 cards were issued on October 22nd …… still haven’t received any of them!!!! I’m in riverside county…..

      1. I checked my card this morning and nothing was added. I was wondering to when new benefits would be added. I thought today was the deadline. If I understand what I read. Thank You

        1. The Families First Coronavirus Response Act authorized emergency Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits because of COVID-19. In California, the emergency allotments will raise each household’s monthly allotment of CalFresh to the maximum allowable based on household size. The Food and Nutrition Service will approve requests for the additional benefits on a month-by-month basis. [All County Welfare Directors Letter, May 21, 2020.] CalFresh households already receiving the maximum allotment will not receive an emergency allotment. The March, 2020 emergency allotment will be available on April 12, 2020. [All County Welfare Directors Letter, April 2, 2020.] The April emergency allotment will be available on May 10, 2020. [Id.] The May, 2020 emergency allotment will be available on June 14, 2020. [All County Welfare Directors Letter, May 21, 2020.] The June, 2020 emergency allotment will be available on July 12, 2020. [Id.] The July, 2020 emergency allotment will be available on August 16, 2020. [All County Welfare Directors Letter, June 23, 2020.] The August, 2020 emergency allotment will be issued on September 13, 2020. [All County Welfare Directors Letter, August 3, 2020; All County Welfare Directors Letter, August 24, 2020 (correcting issuance date to September 13).] The September, 2020 emergency allotment will be available on October 18, 2020. [All County Welfare Directors Letter, August 24, 2020.] The emergency allotments will be issued on the client’s existing electronic benefits transfer card.

          1. I found this…… SEPTEMBER 2020 UPDATE:

            Due to COVID-19, children who are eligible for free or reduced-price meals at school will get extra food benefits called Pandemic EBT or P-EBT.

            P-EBT has been approved to continue with the start of the current school year, and additional benefits will be issued for August and September to children who previously received P-EBT, excluding children who have since completed/graduated school.

            Benefits will be calculated based on the beginning date of instruction at the P-EBT eligible child’s schools, but will not exceed $175 per child and will only be issued for schools offering virtual instruction or a hybrid of virtual/in-person instruction.

            Children became eligible for P-EBT in spring 2020, if their school was closed due to COVID-19 and they are eligible for free or reduced-price meals.

            Families can participate in both P-EBT and current “grab & go” school meal programs through COVID-19 emergency feeding sites offered by schools.

            P-EBT is not CalFresh, but it is used the same way at grocery stores, farmers’ markets, and online with Amazon or Walmart (shipping is not covered–more on that below)

            We will post more information about P-EBT for the 2020-2021 school year when it is available.

        2. From what I read new cards are going to be mailed by the end of October and as late as December. And still waiting on funds for the 2020-2021 school year.

          1. If you call the Ebt hotline number and ask about the pebt 2.0 they will tel you when it was issued some pebt card were issued starting October 13 2020. I called and they said my pebt card for my child was sent out that date but I had a change of address and they gave me the run around about calling local county office to update address because they can’t forward card. To update your child’s change of address call ‭(916) 651-8848‬
            Sacramento, CA the county doesn’t have anything to do with pebt school. Mine should arrive in less than 2 weeks

    1. I received a new card last week it only.had.$170 on it which is.only.a month worth. When I check the slpoad date it said it was loaded Sept 24th.

  6. I’m wondering if everyone gets it on the 30th. Not much information about Californias p-ebt, it’s weird how other states have alot more info.

    1. Hello my kids have the p ebt cards my question is when are the second round of funds will be deposit I been checking the balance and still nothing this extra money really help us

  7. I’m hoping this information is true. I haven’t received anything for my 2 kids and my sister hasn’t either and she has 3 boys. I hope we get this tomorrow.

  8. I hope so too, so many families in need of food Keep our fingers crossed is about all we can do. Good luck to you and your sister, I hope it all works out

  9. I checked my card just now and no refunded happen. I hope this message is not a joke. Because there are a lot of parents struggling while kids are learning from home.

    1. I called social services and was told California was not approved for 2nd round of pandemic ebt. I’m so incredibly frustrated and sad for all the families counting on this relief.

      1. I found an article on the USDA website stating California was approved for Aug/Sept p ebt by Sept 30th so I don’t understand what’s going on

      2. The stopgap bill was approved by Congress and the Senate, It has to be signed by Trump to be put into law so the benefits can be distributed. Trump has to sign the bill before midnight tonight, or the government will shutdown.

  10. I read that we should be getting by September 30th. It’s now September 30th and I have not received it. Hopefully sometime today. I could really use this help.

  11. Bernice K Henderson

    NOTHING YET …. But I did read that we were APPROVED for a second round of P-ebt for aug and sept… I have also listened to a few ppl from YouTube about it as well …I just don’t know why we haven’t gotten anything yet…my sister says it’s a hoax …BUT the day isn’t over yet

    1. This is maddening, I called my congressmans office today, and the woman I spoke with had no clue. She promised to email me with some answers. I don’t understand how other states have already received the pandemic ebt and we’re being left out in the cold.

        1. I don’t understand how all other states have been approved for a 2nd round of benefits and California has not!!!! This is mind blowing!!!

        2. Still waiting for an email from congress, I’ll post it on here when I know more. There’s got to be an explanation.

          1. They never followed up with an email, pretty disappointing. I’m going to call again tomorrow. The woman I spoke with was clueless, so hopefully they have something useful to tell me tomorrow. This is so frustrating for families that are barely surviving.

  12. Caroline Daniels

    I have been following this on the news. California was approved. First the house vote passed 09-22-2020 then the senate passed 09-29-20 then signed into law 09-30-20. It was included in the government shut down bill called the stop gap funding bill. Now from what I understand Gavin Newsom will have to create a plan to distribute it and then have the federal government approve it. After all that is finished he will begin to execute that plan. I highly suggest that if we want anything done quickly we all come together and message him on all your social media’s or send him emails and letters. I personally have him on Twitter and constantly message him from there telling him how important it is to resolve this issue. Twitter @GavinNewsom

    1. Thank you! Finally something that explains whats happening! Trump also didn’t sign until after midnight last night, so that further delays thing’s.

  13. Has anyone got anything yet for the p-EBT? It’s October 2nd and I haven’t got anybting in my kids cards yet … what is going on?

    1. Hello Heidi, did you not get the first round in the p-ebt? Just wondering because if not there’s something really wrong because I received mine in May but still haven’t heard anything as of recently, I hope they get it resolved soon like yesterday but there not in a rush because it’s not them who’s in need of food for their families..

      1. I got my first round in may .. but it says we are suppose to get 2nd round now and still have nothing for ca.. just woundering if anyone else has got the 2nd round yet

  14. I called social services and they said no have not heard anything about reloads to cards and that it was a one time issue back in the summer . So very confusing . I don’t understand any of this , my husband and I were out of work over the summer and according to their qualifications we made too much !? How do 2 people not working making too much ? 3 kids and rent is insane . Sorry nothing makes sense .


        1. For anyone asking questions about the pandemic EBT there has been an update today. It is very long so I’m just going to refer you to the website. Go to Google Chrome and type in CDSS pandemic ebt Click on the first website to get the update.

  15. This is the email I received from CDSS on October 6th. I emailed them last week.

    his is in response to your e-mail to the California Department of Social Services (CDSS) requesting information about Pandemic EBT (P-EBT) benefits.

    In order to help provide food to children during the COVID-19 emergency, children who are eligible to receive free or reduced-price meals at school will receive extra food benefits. These food benefits, called P-EBT, will help eligible children and families buy food when schools are closed.

    The state of California has been authorized for another round of P-EBT benefits and are working on implementing the extension.

    The P-EBT benefits have not been issued at this time. The CDSS will have more information to share soon.
    Hopefully, you will find this information helpful.

        1. On the fresh Ebt app it gives you information about p ebt . It says on Sept 30th we were approved to receive a second round for school year 20/21. It also says that it can take several months for our governor to figure out how much we get and when we get it. They need to stop playing around and help us out. Alot of us our struggling. Of course the governor doesn’t care because he is still getting money through this pademic.

    1. On October 18th is for regular ebt not pebt. If your family doesn’t receive the maximum amount of food stamps every month for your family the remaining balance will be added on the Oct 18th. The amount is for the month of September.

  16. GOVERNOR OF CALIFORNIA NEEDS TO READ THIS FORUM OF COMMENTS!!!! Someone needs to share this message with the governor of California! I am a mother of six kiddos. My husband works hard full time advocating for adults with disabilities to ensure they receive services they need. Now How do we advocate for families in California who need this second payment!?!?!? Recently my husband had to pick up a 2nd job working as a gig worker delivering food/groceries (so we have that added gas expense of traveling 1,200 a month on the job) for a whole $3.-$3.25 per delivery & pray he gets a tip to not just break even on the gas cost, to help Our family cover the extra food costs to feed our family of 8. If I didn’t have an injury preventing me from working I’d be right out there with him working. But then we couldn’t afford childcare. So him working 7 days a week is our only option. We tried applying for assistance for food. But sadly they said we were denied because we made a whole 4 DOLLARS OVER THE LIMIT!!! Seriously!! I wish I was joking! We have two car payments, a house payment, insurance payments and many other household bills/utilities expenses oh and let’s not forget 3 teens who eat us out of house & home and 3 other kids ages 3-10 years old. We are still hardly get by. On tight months we sell whatever we can to buy food. We do pick up the free meals from the school. However we have to throw out half of the food which makes me sick to do as I hate wasting food. Every week when we get home from getting lunches we go through everything to sort it, and take out what food has already gone bad. In almost every meal pick up 25% of the food has mold growing on it and the other 25% is mushy and has gone bad or is expired. Don’t get me wrong we’re thankful for everything we receive however it makes me sad to have to throw out food we could have really used. The broccoli and chili dogs always have mold. As well as some of the fruit. The milk has been very warm at pick up or has been expired on more than one occasion. Like I said I’m thankful but this is just a shame. The food waste is a shame! I can’t stress enough how much many families like ours needs this relief of a second p Ebt. We need to be able to provide fresh food for our families. It’s sad that even with two jobs we can’t afford to feed our family. It’s sad that being over the income threshold by $4 will prevent a family from getting assistance we really need. Our governor needs to step it up and help us out fast!

    1. Same thing where I live, the lunches they are handing out our gross. Sometimes moldy, expired milk, slimy lunch meat. It’s not helping anyone if our children are going to get sick from eating it! I’m so sorry that you can’t get help over 4 freaking dollars! I wish these politicians had to live one week like we’ve been living for month’s now. Let them survive on moldy food, it’s disgraceful!

  17. (CDSS Website)

    P-EBT Extension
    Over the summer of 2020, P-EBT provided food benefits to eligible school aged children for the months of March, April, May, and June 2020. Recently, California was approved to provide additional P-EBT benefits to children who already received P-EBT benefits for the months of August and September 2020. This is referred to as the “P-EBT Extension.”

    Children eligible for P-EBT extension benefits:

    Previously received P-EBT benefits for the 2019-20 school year;
    Are attending a California K-12 school for the 2020-21 school year; and
    Are assumed to be attending school virtually or via a hybrid model of virtual and in-person instruction for the 2020-21 school year.

    Under the P-EBT extension, each eligible child will receive a new P-EBT card with P-EBT benefits for the months of August and September 2020. These new P-EBT cards will be mailed directly to families in late October through late December. Eligible families do not need to apply to receive P-EBT extension benefits.

    IMPORTANT: Children who are newly eligible for free or reduced-price school meals for the 2020-21 school year are not eligible for P-EBT extension benefits and will be served under the second P-EBT program described below.

  18. I am in the Los Angeles County hope this helps a bit to ease our frustration with the waiting. I just spoke to p ebt social service lady the number is 877-597-4777 to see if my kids has a 2nd round coming they checked n 1 of my sons his 2nd card was mailed out Oct 13, 2020 she said it will take about 15 days or so . So they are slowly getting it out

      1. Ashley Diane Sanchez

        On the new cards it’s only for August and September for a total of $175 per child. I’m curious as to how October and November will be. November is right around the corner. Wonder if we will get more pebt for these months because in my county we are no where near going back to school.

  19. Gavin newsom this guy just keep money from children p_ebt it is very important for many family .many states received pebt ! Only California

  20. Remember TwentyTwenty

    It takes a whole village to raise a child and it’s takes 1 California Governor and his cabinets to F**k it up. And China is half a billion dollars richer while our future (children) suffer.

  21. I called the number above 877-597-4777 and they were able to tell me that the card for my daughter is coming and was loaded with I think $245 for August and September and we should be getting them soon

      1. Ashley Diane Sanchez

        I called the number above today they told me that two cards have been sent out. One for each child. Both cards are loaded with $217. The amount of money being loaded depends on your county.

      2. New cards were mailed out on October 26 and will be mailed out until the end of December. Keep your old card though, because you never know. After this initial distribution they will again be accepting applications online for people who missed the first application process. We received 300.00

    1. Depends on your county, they told me it was $245 loaded on my card that was mailed out on the 13th of this month and should arrive in 12-14 days . Which it has passed then days so hopefully tomorrow we shall get something.

      1. Does anyone know for the LA County?? I’ve tried calling the number given but they never answer. I’ve waited on the line for an hour and never got anyone. How are you getting ahold of these workers?

      2. They had to reissue mine because they were sent October 9th and I never received them. Now it’s going to take another 2 weeks

        1. How many were you suppose to receive.i was expecting 3 p ebt and I called they said one was sent out on the 9th too..I still had not received it yet either

          1. I’m expecting 3 cards as well, and nothing yet. Maybe the election is holding the mail up, thats the only reason I can come up with as to why we haven’t received them.

        1. No still nothing and I think they haven’t sent anything or some one on the inside got all the cards selling them. JK I’m still waiting

  22. I called that 1877 number yesterday. They told me my son had a card sent out on the 16th and should be here within 14 business days and it has $207 on the card. Im in San Bernardino County…

    1. I called riverside county social services and the lady had no idea. She said at the meeting they had last week it was a one time thing and there is no new benefits for August or September!? Idk what’s going on or why all the information is incorrect!? Has anyone received a new card?

        1. I called the number on the back of the first card I received in May …. chose the lost card option and it will prompt you …. I spoke to a lady she told me 3 out of 4 cards went out on October 22nd and each card has $205 on each so if you call that number they help

        2. I am in Del Norte County. I called the number and was informed they had send out 5 cards for my kids with 147 dollar’s on each. They said they were issued on the 9th of September. So they had to reissue them all because I should have received them already! Everyone should call 18775974777 and find out if and when your card/card’s were send.

      1. Yeah the county not the ones issuing the benefits. You have to call this number to get the information 877-597-4777. It was approved for new P-EBT card if Aug. & Sept wasn’t loaded on your old p-ebt by September 30th.. Hope this will help you get the answers you need

  23. No P-EBT in the mailbox it’s been almost a month since it was supposedly sent out. This is taking forever!!! Soon as I order a replacement watch it come

    1. Ashley Diane Sanchez

      My cards were supposedly sent out on October 12 almost a month ago and still nothing yet. I’m starting to think that maybe they are lying about the actual issue date just so everyone would stop bothering them or complaining.

  24. Hello!! I’ve been following this website for awhile and reading comments to find out about the PEBT cards. I’m in kings county up towards Fresno. I haven’t received anything yet either. Other states have had cards reloaded. California for some reason has a different way of doing things. I called the PEBT number on this site that another commented about. I had to wait an hour to get someone to pick up. Later in the evening before 5 is when I was finally able to get through. 2 of my cards were issued on the 14th and 1 on the 21st of last month. Each of my cards are 193$ each. The first time I got 1 card with all of the kids on it. This time it’s 3 individual cards. They will not be reloaded on the old cards at all. She also said that those dates given don’t necessarily mean they were sent out at that time. Just processed or issued. Due to Covid and Plus the election. It’s going to take more than 12-14 days to come. She said anytime from now until December to expect it. So hopefully this eases anyone’s thoughts. Thanks

    1. Thank you! I was told my kid’s cards were sent out on the 13th of October but nothing yet. I tried calling earlier and their system was down.

    1. Yes I received on too. In November. I found an article that said when kids are out of school for more than 5 days then we will receive a p bet payment. And it’s a new card everytime. My old card now say they are not active.

  25. Did everyone know if you don’t use all your funds in180 days they take them back. I went to use ours and there was no funds I called and was told through miscommunication the funds only on the card 180 days and that we were told it be there for a year. I just read that on there page too so. The lady I talk to said ALOT OF FAMILIES LOST THERE FUNDS there be Extension But my granddaughter didn’t qualify for an extension so what gives you give it and you take it away and then you don’t qualify for extensions something needs to be fixed and the people that got their funds taken away should get them back.

    1. Hi! Call your local social services office. They are able to put the money back on as long as you still have the card. If you get someone who says they can’t give the money back keep calling until you find someone who knows what to do.

  26. I saw there are many questions on here about how much each child will get. Well, it is based on the date they started virtual learning for the 20-21 school year and other things. I found this in a letter from the dept of social services for the state. I will leave the site below if anyone wants to read.

    Also, Im in riverside county and have not received the new p-ebt card yet. (p-ebt aka p-ebt 2.0)

    It says “…There is no standard benefit amount under the P-EBT extension. Benefit amounts under the P-EBT extension are based on individual student and school-level data. The total amount an individual child is eligible to receive depends on the start date of virtual instruction at the school the child attended during the 2019-20 school year and the number of assumed qualifying virtual instruction school days. Because the P-EBT extension benefit amount is based on each student’s learning situation, the benefit amount will vary from student to student, perhaps even within a family. That said, P- EBT extension benefits will be provided based on the school meal reimbursement rate of $5.86 per day for each qualifying virtual instruction school day. The maximum amount of P-EBT extension benefits an eligible child can receive is $246” “The P-EBT Helpline is accessible via the California EBT Customer Service Center by calling (877) 328-9677.”


  27. Hello everyone,
    I am in San Diego county. I just received my cards today. They have 158.00 loaded on each. The first time we had 365.00 per child.
    Does anyone know why it’s less money?
    I am so grateful for the funds. Hang in there everyone!

    1. Jeannette Newcomb

      From what I understand the new cards are for Aug and Sept only. I haven’t been able to find any news yet on when the rest of the school year will be loaded. I was told my son’s card was issues on Oct. 13 but as of today Nov. 20 I still haven’t received it.

      1. Jeannette Newcomb

        I finally got my son’s card. I don’t understand why they issued new cards when they could of just reloaded on the first card they issued. It’s probably costing the government some serious money to issue new cards instead of reloading the first card they sent. That money could be used on more important things.

        1. When did you get your card? They said mine was processed October 15th and 16th and I still haven’t got any of them I’m waiting on 5 of them …

    2. The 365 was for the kids being out of school for the last few months at the end of school year 2019-2020. Which is why you got so much. The new amount is only based on the days the kids have missed school for more than 5 consecutive school days. Like thanksgiving break. Or Xmas break. I revived mine in November right before thanksgiving. We should get another one with more on it for Xmas. I believe is what the woman said.

  28. My daughter in law got one card for one child for around $147.00.she waiting for 2 more cards for her other 2 kids .she located in Hayward the Bay Area in alameda county .just want let people know there in the mail

  29. Did anyone get only partial of their kids PEBT I just called and they said my two kids were processed supposedly mailed cards out on Oct 19 but my other two kids were not in the system. The first round of PEBT I only got one card with all four.

    1. I called today and they said they had to resend mines because supposedly they were sent out on Oct 19 so they are sending me new ones but they only had two of my kids in the system and not the other two:( you should call and see if they were mailed out

      1. They reissued mine as well, and it probably cost me another month of waiting. To anyone else who’s waiting, don’t let them reissue your card(s). My first one’s arrived and their useless, they were issued again on October 27th and now I won’t have them until sometime in December.

        1. They told me mine was issued on October 15th and 16th and I still have not received anybting … and idk what to do … I don’t want to call and have them reissued ?

  30. I’m in San Fernando Valley and still no card yet they said it was mailed on October 13 and as of today nothing. No one in my complex with school children got one either. I guess I’ll get it by Christmas.

    1. I’m in Modesto ca and I still have not received any of my kids cards I am waiting on 5 cards .. as of 12/2 nothing yet

  31. Called today LA County (El Monte office) they told me the new cards will have $246 each. Depends on your county and kids grade.

    1. Ashley Diane Sanchez

      I’m in Tulare county as well so hopefully mine will arrive soon. Mine were issued out on October 16th. I’m waiting on two cards

    1. Ashley Diane Sanchez

      My cards were issued Oct 16th I finally received both of mine today. Both cards loaded with $217. I’m in Tulare county

  32. I received 3cards last time. One that had both my daughter and son’s funds together and two separate for my other girls. Will we receive 4 separate ones this time around. They gave me two with the same amount. $205.

  33. Just curious did anyone only get benefits for September like I did for only two of my children 223$ my 3 child hasn’t received a card and with the first cards I received 365 for each child . I’ve tried to get through the line and after 40 minutes of waiting I just hung up

    1. The card’s have August and September issued on them, so the amount varies from when your child started school in 2020. They are however working on the bill to pass ebt pandemic for the rest of the school year. Should be coming soon.

  34. I received a payment of 147.00 dollars for one of the children. The second child has not received she got one back in June but done since that time. Tulare county Dec 16, 2020

  35. I have 3 kids, I received 2 P-EBT cards but I did not received the P-EBT card for the youngest kid who just joined Kindergarten this semester. I dont know which number I should call to add my youngest kid. I called school district: they dont know : tell me call County, I called county: they tell me call State, I called state: they tell me to call school district 🙁
    Anyone knows who I should contact?

    1. You will not get one for any student that has began school this year. You have to wait for the p-ebt 2.0. who knows when that will be.

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