Jen Lumanlan, Author at 510 Families

Jen Lumanlan

Jen Lumanlan lives in Berkeley with her husband and 4.5-year-old daughter. Upon realizing she had no parenting instinct whatsoever, she went back to school for a Master’s in Psychology and started the Your Parenting Mojo podcast to share research-based information on parenting and child development which has now been downloaded more than half a million times. If you’d like to spend more time outdoors with your child but are intimidated because you ‘don’t know anything about nature,’ check out the interview she recorded with Dr. Scott Sampson (yep, from Dinosaur Train!) about his book How to Raise A Wild Child: it’s packed with super-easy tips to help you get outside!
adult and child looking at ladybugs with magnifying glasses

How to Find Ladybug Colonies in Oakland’s Reinhardt Redwood Regional Park

From late October through February, observant hikers can find colonies of thousands of ladybugs right here in Oakland. Find out how!
Child and parent looking at salamander in woods

Reinhardt Redwood Regional Park: How to Search for Salamanders in Wet Weather

Here's a mission for your little explorers and instructions on how to have a successful search for salamanders in the Oakland hills.
Child in red rainboots playing in the rain

5 East Bay Spots to Get Even Wetter on a Rainy Day

Outdoor spots to take kids after -- or during -- a rainy day in the East Bay.

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