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Introducing Big Minds, A School for Twice-Exceptional Neurodivergent Students

For East Bay Families with twice-exceptional, gifted, and neurodivergent children, Big Minds Unschool offers a neurodivergent-affirming, strengths-based approach to education for K-8 students.

This post is sponsored by Big Minds Unschool.

With two locations, Pinole and Pleasanton, Big Minds is dedicated to supporting students whose strengths and needs necessitate a creative, learning environment that pays special attention to socio-emotional development, and where students and teachers are continually engaged in passionate and reciprocal learning. The teachers and staff design accommodations and scaffolding to each student’s needs and goals. With a student-teacher ratio of 4 to 1, small classes and educational opportunities are flexible and aim for enthusiastic engagement.

A typical day at Big Minds offers students a flexible start to the day with an arrival window of 8:30-10 am. Once students have acclimated, classes begin and the day is launched with studies ranging from but not limited to astronomy, world history, current events, soundscaping, and art. The amount of coaching students receive in math, literacy, science, art, programming/coding, and music is dependent on their interests and assessments.

Child looking at fish tank with colorful beads around
Children follow their curiosity | Photo: Big Minds Unschool

The focus at Big Minds is on social-emotional support for students. The staff is committed to empowering students academically to pursue their interests while honoring each child’s unique temperament.

What is twice-exceptional, also known as 2e?

At Big Minds, every child is treated as an individual whose voices, thoughts, and passions are considered and heard. The staff is passionate, communicative, intelligent, and kind; my daughter WANTS to go to school every day. She is excited about learning because she’s allowed and encouraged to do so in a way that makes sense to her.

The Big Minds mission is rooted in disability justice; they impress upon students that being twice-exceptional means they are part of a greater community of learners who should be accepted but the traditional education system was not built to support such challenges. The school aims to provide students with the skills to navigate the world as it is and to support socially literate humans who feel comfortable advocating for themselves.

Big Minds has been the catalyst for our student’s remarkable transformation. It’s not just a school, it’s a sanctuary that embraces a strengths-based approach to learning. The key to their success lies in radical acceptance, understanding that every child is unique and deserves an education tailored to their individual strengths.

Big Minds Unschool
Learn about a typical day at Big Minds Unschool

Learn more about Big Minds Unschool

Open houses are coming soon on both campuses.

Pleasanton Campus Open House: February 26
Pinole Campus Open House: March 5

Visit their website for more details >

This post is a sponsored message from Big Minds Unschool. All photos courtesy of Big Minds. 

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