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Introducing Brilliant Births: A Community Space for New and Expecting Parents

New parent? There is so much to learn! How does breastfeeding work? What can a non-pregnant partner do to share the load of newborn care? What do you really need to buy or borrow?

new parent workshops in Berkeley
A new dad practicing skin-to-skin contact | photo credit: Birth Becomes You

This post is sponsored by Brilliant Births in Berkeley.

For growing East Bay families, Brilliant Births is the most supportive and inclusive pregnancy and postpartum education center in the East Bay, offering childbirth classes, workshops, doula connection, and more.

Located on Fourth Street in Berkeley, Brilliant Births offers a range of classes and workshops that meet all the needs of expecting East Bay Families. They offer multiple kinds of childbirth education classes to help you achieve the birth you want.

Brilliant Births workshops include Infant First Aid, Settling In With Baby: Newborn Care, and Breastfeeding 101. These workshops are designed to prepare you to be the best parent you can be.

Describing a Brilliant Births1-Day Childbirth Immersive workshop, Ariel, an expectant mom from San Francisco said, “We loved this class so much, we made one of the included activities into a baby shower game – I don’t want to spoil which one! Our instructor, Thea, was thorough, kind, knowledgeable, and made the class fun.”

In addition to their classes, Brilliant Births manages a doula connection group, so you never have to do it alone: knowledge and care are a phone call away. They also offer yoga classes, and will soon be adding massage and craniosacral to their list of services. The business is always growing and shifting to best support the families they serve.

“I found my birth doula through Brilliant Births, and she was amazing!” reports Oakland mom Rebecca. “After having my baby, I started attending Brilliant Births’ postpartum support group and it’s been a huge source of community and confidence-building for me during some rough weeks. Would definitely recommend it to any new parents or moms-to-be in the East Bay.”

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From Finding Comfort in Labor to Breastfeeding 101 to Settling in With Baby, workshops at Brilliant Births are designed to bring new parents a sense of calm and confidence.

postnatal yoga in Berkeley
Brilliant Births yoga class, all materials included | photo credit: Brilliant Births

Watch: Brilliant Births Doulas Love Their Work

Questions? Visit Brilliant Births online to learn more about Childbirth Preparation and other workshops for new parents.

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