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Treebones Resort, kid-free vacation inspiration

For my birthday last year, I enjoyed the luxury of a few kid-free days driving down the coast with my husband. With only three days to be wild and free, we discovered Treebones Resort, a collection of deluxe yurts with ocean views and a killer restaurant somewhere south of Big Sur.

With no in-unit toilets or showers (but, yes, sinks) offset by hot coffee, sushi bar, meditative fountains, hot tubs, fresh waffles, and big glasses of wine, this place is glamping (glamour + camping) at its best.

Treebones Resort south of Big Sur, yurt glamping

Why yurts?

Treebones founding family, The Handys, wanted “to create a unique lodging experience that perched lightly on the land.” I had not realized until I read it on their website that Yurts fit with the land in an organic way; most indigenous people lived in round structuressuch as Igloos, Teepees, and Wigwams. (Read more here on the story of Treebones.)

What to expect:

  • Price. What can you expect to pay for a glorified tent with no toilet? How about $200! Yes, it is spendy, but I really loved it for my big birthday. Check out the rate sheet for specifics. Gulp!
  • Pool. Heated pool and hot tub available from 9am to 9pm with no lifeguard.
  • Lodge. Sit by the fire, eat in the casual awesome restaurant, read a book, play a board game or just enjoy the spectacular view. Open til 10:30pm.
  • Unplug. No cell reception and limited wifi (enough to sneak a check to your email or facebook but not enough to stream a movie. C’mon though, you’re camping, right?).
  • Darkness. It gets dark dark here. Plan to check in at least two hours before sunset to check in and set up. Late arrivals must make arrangements. On the plus side, you will never see so many stars. Bring a flashlight to find the bathroom after hours.
  • Small ones. To preserve the tranquility of the environment, no pets or children under 6 are allowed and there are strict occupancy limits for yurts and campsites. You can really relax here.
  • Shh. Since yurts are really fancy tents, you can hear everything! See above.
  • Tent? Tree? In addition to the glorious yurts, there are campsites and treehouses available so you can experience the resort in a different way. I don’t think they’re especially cheap so, honestly, I would vote YURT all the way!

Treebones Resort south of Big Sur, yurt glamping

Treebones was featured in the Travel Channels Ultimate Travel show. Watch this video of “Glamping in Treebones Resort” for a more complete idea of what to expect.

For more information:
[email protected]

I’m filing this adventure under travel, tweens + teens, and date night because it is an amazing adventure as a romantic getaway or for families with bigger kids!

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