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Call for submissions: A Three-Year Olds’ Guide to Everywhere Fun

Does your preschool-aged kid have strong opinions about popular family-friendly Bay Area destinations? If so, we want to include them in our upcoming series, A Three-Year Olds’ Guide to Everywhere Fun!

Don’t you hate it when you read some place is “kid-friendly” but discover once you get there that “kids” is defined as those who can already read by themselves and reach tall objects? I do.

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty. I want to find out what your discerning and selective child would say about:

  1. Exhibits. What rooms or features does your kid LOVE and HATE?
  2. Food. Do you have to pack your own snacks or lunch?
  3. Overall vibe. Are kids of a small size really welcome — or should they come back in a couple years?

While I welcome any juicy first-person kid quotes, I’m very happy to honor the experiences of the occasionally frustrated parents and caregivers who brought the three-year old to the museum.

And also I’d love it if you have photos.

Seeking submissions to A Three year-olds guide to everything fun in the Bay Area

[grumpy ice cream eating boy via foamcow on flickr]

To participate, please email heather at 510families dot com with the subject 3YO GUIDE. 

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