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Celebrate Pi Day

Pi Day is an annual occasion for nerds to recite the infinite digits of Pi, talk to friends about math, and eat Pie.

Happy Pi Day! Celebrate Pi Day. Mathematical constant. March 14th (3/14). Ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. Constant number Pi. Cherry pie

Where I love to get Pies for Pi Day in Berkeley

Pies for Pi Day
Pies for Pi Day | Photo: Heather Flett

That picture up there shows how I really raised the bar for my family’s expectation of how we celebrate Pi Day, a perfectly made-up holiday to celebrate the magical number pie, 3.14. My children’s middle school celebrates with a week of math-related games and learning culminating in a pie-eating feast that has spilled into our home life.

But as my child reminds me, “Mom, it’s not like you even bake anything, you just buy the pies.” Fair point, kid, but I do have to go to the stores. Some of them even require heating! Or ice cream!

Clockwise from the top, this is where my pies came from:

  • Local baker, Mamie & Makhi’s sweet potato pie, sells a fresh frozen pie batter that wins my family’s pie party. I buy it at Berkeley Bowl West and assemble it at home.
  • Haha, the rest of these pictured above came from Whole Foods bakery or freezer section. Maybe my kid was right.

Pi Specials and Special Pies in the East Bay:

  • PieTisserie – Last year, I ordered a purple sweet potato pie, chicken pot pie, and pink apple crumble pie! Local pick-up is available on Sunday at the Chabot Space & Science Center.
  • Sweet Adeline Bakeshop – Running Pi Day Specials on my favorite chocolate cream, you ought to get your pre-orders in right away. I ordered mine.
  • Fatapples – Pies are available whole or by the slice, but you’ll want to order in advance if you don’t want them to sell out. Two East Bay locations.
  • Nation’s – With five locations in the (510) and several in the (925), Nation’s is the fast solution to get your favorite pies to go with whole pies, half pies, and slices. Online ordering and home delivery are available.
  • Pizza, Pizza, Pizza – Pick your favorite pizza pie from our list and enjoy. Many pizza spots will let you order a half-baked so it comes out hot at home.

Pi Day Activities & Outings:

3.14 from 11 am to 3 pm. Celebrate Pi Day doing math and art at the Exploratorium. Reserve tickets in advance. (Pick up a pie on your way home from PieTisserie, yum)

More Pi Day Specials & Deals:

  • Participating 7-Eleven Stores are selling large pizzas for $3.14. Do our East Bay stores participate?
  • Blaze Pizza, with locations in Berkeley and San Francisco, is offering 11″ pizzas for $3.14 if you join their rewards program.
  • Take $3.14 off regular-size pies at Whole Foods Market when you buy them on Monday. They’re very good.

Know any more local places celebrating Pi Day?

Kids not yet ready to grasp Pi? This is one of our favorite math games.

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