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Kid Report: Take a dip in Contra Loma Lagoon

Our Kid Reporter today is Wyatt, who will be in 7th grade in El Cerrito, CA. Wyatt will receive a $20 gift card to Mr. Mopps toy and bookstore for telling us about Contra Loma Lagoon. Learn more about our Kid Reporter program here.

Contra Loma Lagoon, Antioch


One of my favorite places in the Bay Area is probably the Contra Loma Lagoon.

It’s a hybrid pool where half of the pool is sandy and the other deep half is not. It looks cool because it’s right next to a big reservoir and it’s surrounded by golden hills.

Another thing I really like is that it’s always warm around there. It’s never cold, and its always the perfect temperature.


There’s also a sunny, grassy area to have picnics and relax on with some umbrellas, and behind the pool is a snack bar with delicious food. It’s in Antioch, CA, which is about an hour’s drive away from the East Bay on the freeway.

I think most people would like it. I think kids will definitely enjoy it, and I think grownups will also enjoy it. I recommend this place because it’s a fun time with the family, and there are attractions and nice places to go around it, too.

I think that kids would like to swim, and maybe the adults would like to swim, or they would like to relax in the sun on a beach blanket. I think older or disabled people would like to kind of talk and relax to the side of the pool.

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To be prepared I would advise to bring a towel, a bathing suit, and some cash to park and pay for admission or get some food. It’s only open in the summer, so be prepared for that, and the hours are 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM.

The address and phone are: 1200 Frederickson Lane, Antioch, CA 94509 1-888-327-2757.

Here are the prices:

$3.00 age 16-61
$2.00 age 1-15
$2.00 seniors 62+ or disabled
FREE under 1 year

$5 Parking Feekid-reporters-2016

Thanks for your contribution, Wyatt! Does your child have opinions to share? We are looking for more Kid Reporters for our summer 2016 program. If your child would like to send a guest post of 10 sentences or more with two or more photos to, we would love to publish it.

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2 thoughts on “Kid Report: Take a dip in Contra Loma Lagoon”

  1. So, Wyatt’s article is the full reason that I took my family here yesterday. I loved his writing style and the recommendation was so genuine and matter-of-fact. One tip that I would include is that it was quite busy. When we got there at noon there weren’t a ton of people, but by the time we left around 4 pm it was quite busy. However, everyone was getting along and from what I experienced, the kids were all really respectful in the pool. It’s a huge pool so it was still enjoyable when it was busy.

    We took a shade tent and I would highly recommend taking some type of shade, or going early enough to claim a spot under one of their permanent shade umbrellas. It was hot and the sun was very strong. My five-year-old only got out of the water during the two mandatory breaks, and my 18 month old also loved the water. The shallow area with the sand was perfect for her and she wouldn’t stay away from the water, even after she got dressed.

    Once you make the trip out there, it’s nice that the parking and admission are so affordable compared to a lot of activities in Oakland and Berkeley. Our group of seven people ranged from 18 months to 78 years, and everyone had a good time!

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