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Road Trip: Avengers Campus at Disneyland

This writer got to experience the Avengers Campus at Disney’s California Adventure on a special media day, so we can’t speak to line times, but we’ll tell you everything else.  Looking for more general Disneyland visit tips? First-timers can skip the Avengers Campus and start here >

Has your family aged up and into the Marvel Universe? Ours too! From now on, we’ll be spending a little less time with Lightning McQueen and a little more time with the Guardians of the Galaxy when we head down to Disneyland.

From the Kirby Krackle on the ground to the Quinn jet on the top of Avengers HQ the Marvel Avengers Campus has something for the casual and obsessed superhero movie fan. There is a lot to take in when you’re in this section of the California Adventure park, and by my estimation, you could easily crush two hours here, depending on the lines for the rides. That said – the Disneyland Mobile App has plenty to keep you busy while in line with special missions and things to see.

Avengers campus at California Adventure two buildings and truck
Admiring Avengers HQ, an Avengers vehicle, and the Guardians Tower | Photo: Annie Reid

Avengers Campus has 4 main attractions and a ton of thoughtful details

There are four main attractions on the Avengers Campus: two rides and two exploratory areas:

  • Web Slingers is a really fun interactive 3D ride for the whole family to work as a team and save Avengers Campus from Spider-Bots gone mad. Surprises abound in this 3D world but even your kindergartener can handle the twists and turns. OK for all ages, any height.
  • The Guardians of the Galaxy ride will drop your brain into your stomach and back again so it’s best kept to the bravest in your family (before lunch). For classic Disneyland fans, you will recognize it as a re-vamped Tower of Terror. Each ride is a little different. For teens & fearless adults.
man knocks on golden door
Tony knocked on the door to the Inner Sanctum but Dr. Strange wasn’t home | Photo: Annie Reid
  • Ancient Sanctum includes ruins to explore where you might run into Dr. Strange. At night, there is special glowing magical energy.
  • Avengers HQ is where you will be treated to character appearances and battles between your favorite villains and heroes. The Avengers HQ seems to be designed to be a predominantly indoor experience and was not fully open yet.

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Guard your wallet at The Collector’s Warehouse gift shop

airplane crashing through a wall
A hangar just outside Avengers Campus, the largest Marvel gift shop is actually housed inside | Photo: Annie Reid

There is SO MUCH cool stuff in the Collector’s Warehouse gift shop, you’ll want to buy it all. I found a good selection of apparel, but not many MCU-themed mouse ears for purchase. Great selection of collectibles and a few less expensive items to enjoy.

woman in hat with chicken sandwich
Annie, wearing Loki mouse ears (the only Marvel-themed ears sold in Avengers Campus for now) with a live view of the eats from Pym’s Test Kitchen | Photo: Tony Mitchell

Food options in the Marvel Universe

If you’re hungry, Pym Test Kitchen has filling, fun-sized takes on delicious food and lots of vegetarian options. They have a kid-sized and adult menu which is nice and Marvel-themed adult beverages outside (The Particle Fizz was the tastiest cocktail to me, you’re welcome!). The Shawarma Palace stand was delicious and had both carnivore and veggie options. Dessert-type things can be found at the Terran Treats stand if you have any room left. Portions are generous at all the food spots on the Avengers Campus.

Pym Test Kitchen accepts mobile ordering, which can be a huge time saver.

chicken sandwich and tots
The Not so Little Chicken sandwich and potato bites at Pym Test Kitchen was yummy. Grab a knife and fork! | Photo: Disney Parks

Know Before You Go

There isn’t a ton of shade in the Avengers Campus so it isn’t where you want to be at the hottest part of the day.

Photo opps and interactions with characters are limited to a distance so hugging your neighborhood Spiderman will have to wait until things are a bit safer.

Download the Disneyland App. The app allows you to play fun games, order food in advance, and see real-time line lengths. You’re going to want it.

two people crossing arms in wakanda salute in front of T'Challa statue
Tony, Annie, and T’Challa reminding you the Wakandan salute is right arm over left. #wakandaforever | Photo courtesy of Annie Reid

I would make Avengers HQ my very first stop upon entering the park or one of my final experiences later in the afternoon to beat the heat and get the most enjoyment from it line-wise. Everything looks cooler at dusk/night and more characters emerge later in the day. You could even get a few lessons from the Dora Milaje on proper fighting stances!

Disney California Adventure Park Avengers Campus at night
Disney California Adventure Park Avengers Campus at night | Photo: Disney Parks
two warrior women with spears
The Dora Milaje showing out as the best line of defense | Photo: Disney Parks
guardians breakout ride
View from the foot of Tivan the Collector’s tower, look for some fun Easter Eggs here | Photo: Annie Reid

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Learn more about Avengers Campus at

I want to thank Disneyland for inviting me and my brother to fulfill our nerd dreams at the new Avengers Campus at California Adventure. We spent the other half of our day loving Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland. We’ll be back!

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