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Dolphin Discovery in Vallejo is a special splurge

Dolphin Discovery in Vallejo is amazing but not cheap
The staff photographers captured this photo and I LOVE how the roller coasters rise up.

Did you know that you and your family can ride and kiss a real Atlantic bottlenose dolphin about 20 minutes from Berkeley? I did not.

My older children and I were treated to a hands-on learning session with dolphins and trainers from the Dolphin Discovery program at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (the theme park formerly known as Marine World).

It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that they now want to do every Sunday because it seemed so easy.

How it works


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  1. Make a reservation for dolphin lovers over 48″ tall. If you want to sign up a solo swimming kid, that’s cool, parents can pay an observation fee.
  2. Pack a swimsuit, and leave your jewelry at home.
  3. If you’re doing it first thing, park in the main lot ($20) and come to the bright blue building before the main park entrance (alternatively, you can enter from the park near the Ocean Discovery zone).
  4. Attend a 45 minute class about marine mammals — longer if your children ask a ton of questions. Ahem.
  5. Suit up. Dolphin Discovery provides wet suits and booties to all participants.

Dolphin Discovery in Vallejo is amazing but not cheap

  1. Sit and swim with a dolphin and trainer. Most of the experience happens sitting on the side of the enclosure (pictured above), but each person will get a chance for a dolphin fin ride-along (see my timid son getting a thrill below).
  2. Choose your photographic evidence. Pic or it didn’t happen? Participants get one complimentary print from the on-staff photographers. More pictures can be purchased after the event.

Dolphin Discovery in Vallejo is amazing but not cheap

What else you need to know
The program is offered year round, seven days a week. Participants must be at least 48” tall and six years of age. As of June, 2014 this is the price breakdown:

  • $144.99 per person for swim only
  • $169.99 per person for swim and park admission
  • 20% discount for Season Pass holders

Find out more about Dolphin Discovery on their webpage, including making reservations.

Huge thanks to Dolphin Discovery class and Six Flags Discovery Kingdom for providing our experience and photographs. I received no other compensation.


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[All photos property of Heather Flett and 510families. All rights reserved]

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