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Park Profile: Dracena Quarry Park in Piedmont

Dracena Quarry Park in Piedmont is a cozy little neighborhood beauty with attractions for kids of all ages. With plenty of variety, it’ll keep preschoolers and elementary kids occupied for hours. The climbing wall and rocky hillsides are fantastic for my adventurous older kids, while the sand and play structure is perfect for the littles.

toddler walking on path with grass and trees
The beautiful trees, grass and paths make for a lovely setting for an afternoon of play | Photo: Julie Herson

Drecena Quarry Park Features

Location: 130 Dracena Ave, Piedmont, CA 94611
Unique Features: Looping trail around grassy field ideal for riding bikes and scooters. Small concrete slide; sandy area, climbing wall.
Swings: Big kid and bucket swings
Fenced in? No, but set back and protected in a natural way
Surfaces: Sand, rubber ground, grass, concrete.
Bathroom: Gender neutral bathrooms
Lunch tables & seating: Several benches and wooden tables scattered throughout.
Parking: Relatively easy and free street parking, though it can get crowded on weekends.
Shade: Yes, lots of trees
Pros: Nice variety of entertaining play aspects that’ll keep kids of many ages entertained.
Cons: Dog run nearby, so dog-sensitive kids may be worried. Bees on occasion.

Dracena Quarry Park for preschoolers

My one-year-old and three-year-old love a good sandpit and swings, so the Dracena Quarry Park’s little kid area does not disappoint. There are two baby swings, a somewhat simple play structure, and plenty of benches for adults to sit on under the shade of the statuesque redwoods.

I appreciate that there’s also a clean bathroom and water fountain available. A wide stone slide separates the little and big kid play areas. My preschooler loves climbing the stairs and sliding down over and over and over again. Unlike the daunting nature of the slide at Cordonices Park in the Berkeley Hills, this stone slide is just his size.

child playing on play structure
The small play structure is great for younger kiddos | Photo: Julie Herson

Pro tip: Be cautious with new walkers, stone is not so forgiving. Oh, and don’t forget, stone slides tear up pants!

We didn’t bring any bikes or scooters along on this visit, but we saw plenty of other preschoolers burning rubber around the closed loop through the back of the park. Indeed, one of the best attributes of this park is that the back is enclosed and your precocious little ones can’t easily escape. Between the scooter path, a large open grassy field for running around, and plenty of other little kids to play with, Dracena Quarry Park is a preschooler’s paradise.

Dracena Quarry Park for elementary-aged kids

My five-year-old and eight-year-old have BIG imaginations and don’t suffer basic parks gladly. So when they ventured into the back of the park and found the rocky hillsides full of “Mars Rocks!”, they were in seventh heaven. They spent several hours clambering up and down the hillsides hunting for alien rocks, inventing games, and getting as dirty as possible. Even my little ones joined in after a fashion.

toddler climbing up rocky hill
Scrambling up the hills at Dracena Quarry Park | Photo: Julie Herson

When they finally tired of that, they made a pit stop at one of the many shaded benches for snack time. Then they were back at it, this time testing their bouldering skills on the surprisingly challenging rock wall.

two young children climbing a climbing wall
The climbing wall at Dracena Quarry Park | Photo: Julie Herson

I wish I’d brought their bikes as I think they would have loved racing the loop pathway through the back of the park. Something to look forward to next time!

Parking, Dogs and Bees at Dracena Quarry Park

kids swinging on swings
Swings, sand and sun; what more do you need? | Photo: Julie Herson

Parking. Dracena Quarry Park is a neighborhood park, so parking isn’t always easy. Make sure your phone sends you to the Ricardo Avenue side of the park. I’ve had luck parking on Artuna Avenue on a weekday morning, but I can imagine it gets crowded on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

Dogs. There is also an off-leash dog run off of Artuna Avenue, though dogs must be on leash in the grassy area where kids are. So just be aware if you have dog-weary little ones.

Bees. There’s clover in the grassy fields, and clover means bees. I’d shy away from barefoot frolicking for the kiddos at this park.

Pro tip: I make sure to carry antiseptic numbing spray and bandaids should the unfortunate occur.

two boys eating snack on a bench by a grassy field
A quick break before getting back to scooter races around the park | Photo: Julie Herson

Bottom Line on Dracena Quarry Park

Dracena Quarry Park is a beautiful, clean, and versatile park to add to your arsenal. Great for kids of all ages with plenty of shady benches for adults. It’s also the perfect jumping-off point for exploring the lovely little city of Piedmont. So before you go make sure to check out our guide to the best places to go in Piedmont with kids to find a place to eat or explore afterward (Crepevine is great for lunch and not too far from the park!).

Address: 130 Dracena Ave, Piedmont, CA 94611 Aim your GPS for around 198 Ricardo Avenue for the best parking.

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[Photo Credits: Julie Herson]

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