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East Bay restaurants for big family groups

Benchmark Pizzeria

When my visiting family was in town, I was at a loss for dining-out options that would be able to accommodate the nine of us. The restaurants we go to regularly tend to be smaller spots. But cooking and cleaning for nine in my kitchen is also a squeeze from which I wanted to escape every few meals.

Thankfully, the 510Families Facebook followers helped me brainstorm. Now we have a list of great options for group dining for East Bay families.


Saul’s in North Berkeley’s Gourmet Ghetto is Jewish delicatessen food.

Picante, near the freeway, offers quality Mexican food with a kid-friendly noise level and tables that can be pushed together.

Benchmark Pizzeria owner and mom Melissa writes, “We are great for family groups!” Benchmark is located in Kensington Circle.

King Tsin on Solano Avenue

Kensington Circus Pub is very casual and kid-friendly. Best if you favor beer over food.

Sunny Side Cafe on Solano for brunch.

Paisan on San Pablo is one of my family’s own favorites, and many readers agree.

Platano on University was nominated by a few people. “They have some kid space and pupusas are an easy kid food,” says Kelly.

platano play


Shan Dong in Oakland’s Chinatown. “Can’t go wrong with family-style plates and lazy susans!” says Erica.

East Ocean in Alameda for Dim Sum. “I have gone with 6 adults + 3 two-year-olds and its a hit. Lots of noise and activity that keep toddlers entertained and in their seats. Plus dumplings are like the most kid-friendly food I can fathom,” reports Cheryl.

Emeryville Public Market is good for lunch because they have kid tables, a giant pool of plastic balls, and you can choose from every food ever made. The Japanese place is amazing. The Indian is not so good,” warns Page.

Toast in Rockridge has space for a crowd and welcomes families.

California Pizza Kitchen at the Bay Street shopping center.

La Penca Azul in Alameda is loud and big. Daniella says she and her group of 10 plus family members love it there.

India Palace in Alameda. “Best Indian food in the bay and the best sports about kids and large groups,” says Page.

The Star on Grand near Lake Merritt offers deep dish pizza like Zachary’s.

Ohgane (Korean) on Broadway in Oakland is great, according to Hadley.

Hot Italian in Emeryville welcomes groups.

Spettro in Grand Lake.

Tomatina in Alameda

Lanesplitter Emeryville at San Pablo and Adeline (complete with chalkboard wall!!)

Sushi House in Alameda has outdoor seating (with heaters!)

1400 Bar and Grill in Alameda is super kid-friendly.

Cato’s Ale House on Piedmont in Oakland is “pretty great too, and since you order food from a window people don’t all have to arrive at the same time and you can stay as long as you like.”

Miyosen for sushi on San Pablo at 40th “They even have playroom!!” says Thea.

Where do you go when you want to eat as a large group?

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5 thoughts on “East Bay restaurants for big family groups”

  1. I disagree w/the comment about the Indian food vendors at the Emeryville Public Market. I work nearby and eat their food on a semi-regular basis. A 3-item veggie combo plate is just the right amount for my son and I to share. The food is always good, and the owners are super-nice people who always remember me and ask about my son.

  2. 938 Crawfish in Albany is great! The seafood is cooked perfectly and is delicious, as well as the appetizers which are great for kids as well. It can accommodate large parties and even has a private room you can request.

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