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Sponsor Spotlight: East Bay Music Together

For families with children under five years old, East Bay Music Together is a special way to introduce music to children, no matter what level of musical proficiency parents or caregivers already have. If you can clap your hands, you can share in this experience with your child.

East Bay Music Together sponsored our post today.

East Bay Music Together
East Bay Music Together enables parents and kids to connect with new friends

I have several years of Music Together classes under my belt with each of my children; we have acted silly, danced on the rug, and shaken our maracas while singing along. When my children were toddlers, the songs we learned in Music Together became go-to refrains when we needed to hum something on a hiking trail or in the car.

If you’ve ever gone to summer camp, attended a religious service with singing, or danced at a nightclub, you know what a bonding experience it is to sing, dance, or clap along in a group. Music Together classes provide families with the tools to use these techniques at home. It’s a place to draw from when a toddler needs to be redirected or the energy in the room needs a little boost.

If you haven’t tried it, what are you waiting for? Take a Music Together class and you’ll have 25 songs and rhythms in your arsenal of parenting tools.

One parent says, “I have been going to East Bay Music Together with my twins since they were 6 months old. They are now 3 1/2. We have had five different teachers. Each teacher brought unique talents to the classes. Our children got exposed to different instruments, voices, and styles. These differences allowed my children to experience music through different lenses. As a result, they have flourished musically – singing and dancing and inventing instruments throughout the day.”

Since 1997, East Bay Music Together (EBMT) has worked with more than 40,000 families offering music instruction and joyful parent participation. The program has grown to offer classes at 13 locations in Berkeley, Albany, Alameda, El Cerrito, Montclair, Rockridge, Oakland, Lafayette, and Moraga with top-notch teachers. They look forward to welcoming you and your little ones for song, dance, music-making and laughter for many years to come.

What’s new at East Bay Music Together?

MP3 download * New songbook * More languages * More ages 

East Bay Music Together celebrates 20 years
In addition to your weekly classes, tuition includes a new songbook with beautiful color illustrations for each song, a newsletter full of resources and music-making ideas, and online access to the music and bonus activities. In September, classes will be celebrating the International Day of Peace with a Music Together Around the World party.

Next up: The Flute Songbook. The new book is designed to inspire families to play with music all week long. You’ll find it helpful to learn the lyrics as a jumping-off point for creative storytelling, and to learn more about the songs you’re singing in class. Your child may enjoy snuggling with you and singing through the whole book at once — or opening to a page to tell you what song they want to sing!

What’s the same after 21 years at East Bay Music Together?

Love of music * joy for families * instruments * best teachers * silliness

Music Together epic playdate with 510families
Music Together | Photo credit: Celia Catalino

Center Director and Founder Julie Tanenbaum and her amazing pool of talented teachers want to bring the joy of family music-making to all families with children birth through age seven (including the adults who love them). Many of the current teachers were introduced to Music Together when they were parent attendees.

High energy movers and quiet observers are welcome here. Parents and caregivers are expected to participate fully and model the music-making exercises with lots of singing, hand motions, dancing, instruments, and scarves to go around. You’ll share laughs with your little one as you learn the music together. Each participant gets to take home a beautiful full-color songbook illustrated by renowned children’s illustrators Jaime Kim and Gerald Kelly.

Classes begin September 9. Sign-up now for the fall session! Browse by location or find your favorite teacher.

Why families love East Bay Music Together!!

Do you want to join in by singing, dancing, and making music? Of course! Stay tuned to eastbaymusictogether.com to find out more about regular sessions, demo classes, and any new programs. This sweet video highlights what families love about the program.

[All photos from East Bay Music Together and Celia Catalino; used with permission.]

This post was sponsored by East Bay Music Together. Big thanks to our 510families sponsor, East Bay Music Together. We appreciate their support and music through the years.

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