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Fat Shafts Archery in Benicia: Fun for Nearly an Hour

Fat Shafts Archery in Benicia, fun for girls or boys older than 8If you’re an archery novice, like most of us, then about 30 – 45 minutes is all you’ll be able to handle of the bow and arrows before your arms get tired and you start to feel too whiny to persevere. My seven- and nine-year-old kids and I started wilting right around that point on our outing to Benicia the other day.

For $20 per hour (or pro-rated in half-hour chunks), people older than age eight can rent equipment and shoot at the targets of this indoor range. Younger children with good focus and self-control may be allowed to shoot when the range is not too busy. Basic orientation to proper etiquette and course rules was also provided. Driving each way was about 30 minutes.

ps. Before we got tired, our inner Katniss Everdeens were on fire! It was really superfun!
Fat Shafts Archery, bringing out my inner Katniss

Plan your visit to Fat Shafts Archery

Tuesday to Saturday noon – 6 pm
Sunday + Monday CLOSED except special events
Late afternoons and evenings are often busier. Check the events schedule before you visit to avoid closure for lessons or parties.

And what about lessons? Group classes are offered Saturday mornings for youth, ages 8-20, as part of Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD). This class is designed to teach range safety and proper shooting technique in an environment that also fosters focus, increased self-confidence, and team-building skills. With it comes the opportunity to earn certificates and achievement awards. $15/hour/Class with or without equipment rental.

Location: 3001 Bayshore Rd #9, Benicia CA 94510
Website >
(707) 745-0447

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