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Gently Used Sporting Goods for Kids

I’ve used my tennis racket a handful of times. My snowboard hasn’t been touched for years. And my daughter’s lacrosse stick has not been outside since the Christmas morning she opened it. Two years ago.

Baseball gear
Gently used baseball gear at Play it Again Sports Concord | photo via facebook

Did you know that unloved or outgrown sporting goods can find new homes through Play It Again Sports? This national chain for consignment of sporting goods has Bay Area locations in Concord, Dublin, and Santa Rosa.

Play it Again - used sporting goods
Photo courtesy Play It Again Sports

At Play It Again Sports, families can buy and sell items for water sports, like wetsuits; everything you need for baseball; junior clubs for golf; hockey gear, skis, bikes, roller blades, and more.

Customers can get cash on the spot, or trade gear in for bigger sizes.

You do not need to make an appointment to sell your things, but you might call ahead to ask about the current selection as it is ever-changing.

Play It Again Sports is located at 1150 Contra Costa Blvd. Concord, CA 94523 (925) 825-3396


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